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There is an obscure old saying, provenance unknown, but it seems to be either a political or military NORTHexpression. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” With the Bears still close but falling into the Packers rear view mirror with a loss against the Panthers last Sunday, the Detroit Lions hold serve on the Packers with the season finale as the clincher if things stay as they are.

But there is a LOT of football to be played between now and December 28th for both teams. Right now though, let’s keep our enemies closer. Let’s take a look at the Lions chances to keep it tight for the rest of the season. I think they have another stumble coming up…one that would have the Packers with their destiny in their own hands once more. Read on to find out more!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Lions play the Vikings this coming week and I would NOT want to be a player on that team. After a beat-down by the Packers, the Lions will be stoked to right the oh-so-wrong Jim Schwartz being carried on players’ shoulders nonsense. Since they can’t take it out on the Bills, the Vikings get the brunt of the blow. Look for the Lions to storm back and the score to be similar to the Packers 40+.

The emotional comeback, however, will hurt the Lions as they have to host the Saints the week after. The Saints have not been living up to their billing but they will be coming off a bye week and starting to feel the desperation of being 2-3 and well into the second quarter of the season. Add to that the Megatron injury, which may hamper him into that game, and the Saints have an outside chance of getting it done. The Lions host this game which gives them a distinct advantage, and their defensive front is just the ticket for holding Drew Brees at bay. But this will be a game to watch.

If the Lions win that game, they still have the Cardinals and Patriots in successive weeks. These games are both away games and I look for them to drop one of those. A win against the Cards would be an emotional one, setting them up for a letdown against the Patriots.

Aaron RodgersAdd to all this the fact that the Packers still have the Panthers on the schedule, a team that both the Lions and Bears have lost to…and things are setting up nicely for Green Bay if they can continue on their present trajectory. I see the final game of the season to be less significant than the Bears game was last year. It may involve two playoff teams, but I do NOT think the NFC North crown will be on the table this time.

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  1.   July 9, 2015, 2:38 pm

    Really…. we all know who’s #1…. packers #SB50 world champion #14titles can’t wait….

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