Keys to the Game: Week 2 Versus the Seattle Seahawks

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In week two of 2015, the Packers will take on the Seattle Seahawks. This time, the game will be played at Lambeau Fieldseahawks and all of Packernation will be looking to get a fast start and begin to right the wrongs of last season. Will the Packers do it? Time will tell. One thing is for sure, that Packernation will be anticipating the start of the season and this second week matchup for months before it happens (hence, this post).

Here are my keys to the game.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

We all know that the Packers offense was the highest scoring offense in the league last year. So why is it that in two games against the Seahawks last season, the Packers offense…a 30 point per game offense…only averaged 19 points. Well, of course, part of it is because the Seahawks defense is good but regardless of all the gaffs that happened at the end of the NFC Championship game, the Packers offense needed to score more points and do better in the red zone in particular. This year’s offense could be and improvement (see the first in our series: Breaking Down a “Special” Offense here) and I expect the red-zone offense to be better. That said, I think at Lambeau the Packers offense will score more points. So the onus of this win then falls on the shoulders of the defense.

Can the run defense stop Marshawn Lynch?

In the two meetings with the Packers, Lynch averaged 133.5 yards per game. But get this…that includes 157 yards on 25 carries in the NFC Championship game. That game occured after Clay Matthews was moved to the inside, though I don’t have a count on how many snaps he played from that position in each game. The run game is usually priority one in the NFL and with Lynch carrying the ball, it should be priority on for the Packers as well. Especially in light of the struggle we had last year.

So stopping the run will be priority on and of course will be one key to the game against the Seahawks, but there is another aspect of the game that has me concerned.

How will the Packers defense do against Jimmy Graham?

In recent history, pass catching tight ends have been a thorn in the flesh of the Packers defense. This has Julius Peppers Packersbeen largely due to the lack of talent at inside linebacker when those matchups inevitably happen. The Seahawks have been raving about how Jimmy Graham looks so far in OTA’s. This guy could be a serious threat. This threat becomes more dangerous with a young, mobile quarterback like Russell Wilson who is a threat to run and can leave a linebacker torn between coming up and dropping back into a coverage assignment. Regardless, Graham is going to be a force to be reckoned with in week two and the Packers as of right now, still have some question marks on the defense.

So to me, stopping Marshawn Lynch is job one but if we do that, we may be gashed by a guy like Jimmy Graham. Make no mistake, the Seattle coaching staff will be building Jimmy soundly into their gameplan.

But what do you think Packernation? Head to head, who is more dangerous? Which player is more dangerous in the week 2 matchup against the Seahawks? Take the poll and feel free to give your reasons in the comments section below!



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