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mike conferenceMike McCarthy addressed the press moments ago about the Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Chicago Bears. The conference is a prelude to a much anticipated celebration at Lambeau Field. The ceremonial unveiling of Brett Favre’s retired jersey and the possible presence of Packers legend Bart Starr add to the festive feel of the most played rivalry in the NFL, the Packers versus the Bears in a rare Thanksgiving Day meeting. When the dust clears, the Packers hope to notch a second Division win in a row and continue to steer the ship toward another NFC North title.


Will Corey go? “Corey will have  a chance to practice today…see how he does. Ty Montgomery will not be available.”

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Brett Favre

On how Brett reinvented himself when he was with the Packers late in his career. Coach said that Brett is a “Generational player, no doubt about it. He was always at the top of the game or near the top of the game. There’s very few players who are able to retire on their own terms, he’s definitely one of them.”

Bears Matchup

  1. Defensive line – Defensive line has done an excellent job and that’s where it all starts. Staying healthy is the number one factor – excellent group, good mix we are going to need them big tomorrow night.
  2. Practice – Excellent practice Tuesday, today will be just like a Saturday practice.
  3. Datone Jones, inside? Outside? – Datone “Will get outside and inside opportunities. He’s had some big plays but needs to be more consistent. It’s tough when you move from one position group to another.”
  4. Mason Crosby, ability to come back and kick well against the Vikings – “Mason is very steady in his personality and definitely very talented kicker, you know his work ethic.”
  5. On having two starting caliber centers – It “Means a lot when you have two. JC was an offensive game-ball winner against Minnesota. So Tom can just keep calling the game.”

  7. Depth of the O-line – Definitely our deepest group that we have had… You never have enough good football players and you never have enough big guys.
  8. Eddie Lacy and the energy he brings – “Definitely an energy player. Good feet and extends plays. The offensive linemen love it and he brings a lot of energy to our football team.”

The Packers will play on a shortened week and it will be good to be back home at Lambeau Field. I, for one, cannot wait for this game and there is a sense that the Packers are anticipating a great game too.

Go Pack!


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