Midtown New York Has a New Packers Bar!

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Packers fans all over the US and worldwide look for places to watch the Packers games in the company of like-minded fans. In Mid-town Manhattan, Fishbowl is that place! Fishbowl will be playing every single Packers game and serving up great food and drink all with the ambience and class one

would expect in New York. If you live in the city, you probably have struggled to find just the right place to watch the game and with the Jets and Giants in town…have missed a lot of great Packers football. Well, don’t miss another minute. Starting with the Packers versus Seahawks, Fishbowl will have all your Pa

cker action, friends, fun and all things green and gold. We are kicking off the season with giveaways, enjoy a game of skeeball in the gameroom, or just have a drink in the lounge and talk with other fans about the Packers’ chances this year. One thing is for sure, if you are a Packers fan and you are at Fishbowl on gameday…you’re in the right place!

When the Packers kick off at 4:25 to go toe to toe with another perennial playoff team in the Seattle Seahawks, be ready, and be surrounded by other Packers fans. This is going to be an epic year for the Packers and Fishbowl will be the center of Packers fandom in Mid-town. Be a part of Packer Nation worldwide and help a bar that is committed to being all things Packers on game-day become the epicenter of Packer fandom in the City. No more huddling around a computer hoping to find a site to watch the game, no more hoping for a night game or two that will be available, and who wants to pay $300 for Sunday Ticket? Find a new Packers home at Fishbowl.

And if you aren’t in the area, you may have friend who are. Share this post and spread the word that Fishbowl is there when Packers fans are in need. Let’s get this place hoppin’ today and all year long. This is going to be a great Packers season and it is good to know there is a place to go in New York City. We will be highlighting this and other Packers bars in an attempt to find a place for every Packers fan to see every game and do it in the presence of other great Packers fans. Check out more pics below and don’t forget to go to their website to see more about this great Packers bar. In the meantime…I think I need to book a ticket to go up there myself and check it out!

Fishbowl bar – lounge – gameroom



210 West 55th St. New York NY 10019
Telephone: (646) 756-2077



J.R. Augustine grew up in Black River Falls, WI and is currently living in Tennessee. He was born a Packer fan and survived the infamous 70s and 80s. He has immensely enjoyed the Packers' recent success and is looking forward to years of success to come.

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