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The Packers just signed Justin McCray and many are probably asking…”McWho”? McCray is a true guard (who also has played some tackle) and really could be an asset to a Packers team that needs depth at the O-line position. At the same time, McCray is athletic and will have the chance to show he can play in this league…diamond in the rough? There is, at this point, no point in disagreeing that Ted Thompson has been active in free agency. All the buzz before the free agency period was that we were going to be more active and the report by Ian Rapoport fueled what some saw as false excitement at the beginning of the period. This came to a head when news came through that talks with Jared Cook had broken off. Since then, Ted has made several moves. The signing of Bennett was definitely a splash and the follow-up of Kendricks makes it even more so. The rest of the guys have been second-tier guys but the addition of McCray is, in my opinion, more than just a “guy”.

McCray’s twin brother, Jordan was signed to the Packers squad in November of 2014 and it looks like the Packers want to give another McCray a shot. At 6’3″ and 321 pounds, McCray fits the prototypical guard frame and has some athleticism to match. A practice squad guy like his brother, Justin will have every opportunity to prove himself in the Packers’ system. McCray had 32 starts and started all 13 games of his final season at his alma mater Central Florida. He did some time at right tackle as well as right guard.

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All in all…the Packers have picked up possible depth in McCray and as a right guard/right tackle, he fills a need. Will he burst onto the scene and become a perennial prow bowler? That certainly would be the hope. In the meantime, McCray joins Kyle Murphy and practice squad member Lucas Patrick (McCray is a bit bigger at 321) as a potential replacement for TJ Lang who will get a serious look.

Go Pack!


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