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Aaron Rodgers Interceptions INTsOne of the most exciting propositions about this year’s Packers team is that as the offense hits its stride, the entire team should start to see some players return. Mike McCarthy did not directly answer the question about whether the team was planning to get Eddie Lacy back off the I.R. list, but presumably they would have to strongly consider adding back a fresh Lacy if his recovery is complete. The defense expects to return several starters eventually, though we don’t know when, but the offense has actually begun to flourish as the running back situation became more dire.

Aaron Rodgers crept back to form for the most part through the last two games and while the situation at running back continues to be a revolving door, James Starks returned to practice this week and will be a veteran presence in the backfield who, though his season thus far has not been stellar, should shore up the position.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

In the meantime, there is one player I will have my eye on in this game against the Colts, and I will be watching him for three reasons:

Ty Montgomery is expected to play against the Colts and his presence should be well received…unless, of course, you are a Colts defender. Montgomery is a multiple threat wide receiver/returner who has size, speed, and fluidity. But Ty now also has a couple of weeks (along with some limited random reps) out of the Packers’ backfield and could be an offensive difference-maker in this game. I think he adds three elements that could help the Packers get a win.

1. Ty can stretch the defense

Montgomery has enough speed coming out of the backfield that he can stretch a defense and keep them from contracting the box. Ty is a threat to the outside, unlike any of the Packers’ prototypical running backs and defenses are now aware of that fact. This, in and of itself, makes Montgomery a dual threat because not only can he work the edges but he can decompress the interior holes which plays into a second reason that Ty is my player to watch on offense.

2. Ty will help Don Jackson get his feet under him

I expect the Packers’ running game to play a bigger role in this game than the game against the Falcons. As Ty threatens the Ty Montgomery Kick Returnsboundary, the interior gaps should open slightly, allowing Don Jackson (who I expect to get a little more of an opportunity in this game) to hit slightly less “skinny” holes. With Starks still at least a week away, the Packers have to find out what they have in Jackson or they risk going into a long November road trip still unsettled at running back. Ty Montgomery will have a part to play in Jackson’s success. I think we could see some good things.

3. Ty’s multiplicity is puts pressure on the entire field

Ty Montgomery has had the respect and trust of Aaron Rodgers since the beginning of last season. Before he went out with the ankle injury, he was becoming an integral part of the Packers’ “Jordy-less” offense. This year, he takes another step by being more than a stop-gap at the running back position. But he is still a wide receiver and that means that he can put pressure on any part of the defense’s territory and should be able to get favorable match-ups, especially coming out of the backfield. The Packers have to be pleased to have Ty available for this game and must be looking to continue to develop him in this new role throughout this stretch of away games.

Since the first time I saw tape on him, I have been a Ty Montgomery fan. Rarely have I seen such a fluid athlete and he adds to a wide receiver corps in which no two players are alike. This new dimension out of the backfield highlights Ty’s ability, but also his intelligence. Remember, this is the guy that wowed Aaron Rodgers as to how fast he picked up the offense. Well, he did it again by adding to his repertoire as a running back. This afternoon, Ty Montgomery should see an expanded role, now that he has been cleared as healthy. Generally speaking, he has been one of those guys who responded when called upon, and he will be called upon today.

Go Pack!


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