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The Packers have already been bitten by the injury bug. How telling that player interviews include linemen2014 Packers saying that they are “used to” it…that injured starters are expected on this team. Somethin’s not right Packernation.

Mike McCarthy is as good at player management as any coach in the league and more forward thinking than many but we still seem to start each year hurting and expecting to miss more players than other teams as the season progresses.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Is our quarterback safe this year? Will our offensive line have the continuity to keep Aaron upright? Green Bay has a difficult start to the season, kicking off against Seattle first but then three games against NFC North rivals in the first five weeks. A team that seems primed for a great year can easily be crippled by injury. We saw it last season, and we all would hate to see it again.

ttWhen all is said and done…these guys have to get on the field and play. The only way to protect them is to keep them off the field. Football is a collision sport and hopefully (unless the NFL keeps putting “emphasis” on certain things) that isn’t going to change. It is interesting to me that the NFL has said that the reason they are putting emphasis on illegal use of the hands is to avoid injuries to players. Yet the injuries don’t seem to be coming from hands to the face.

What can the NFL do to limit injuries? What can the Packers do? Personally, I think the answer is in attitude. We have to start being the team that does the hurting before we will stop being the team that is always hurt.

I know, that sounds like a violent answer and it’s not very scientific either but I can’t be the only one that is at a loss about the injuries this team has sustained and has come to expect. The easy answer is to call out the training staff as if they are the reason that a player gets rolled up on and breaks a bone or snaps a ligament. The easy answer, however, does not stand to reason. This Packers team is in as good a shape as any in the league and is burning defenses in particular out with the no huddle offense. The strength and conditioning staff are doing their job. Injuries can be the result of lack of conditioning – fatigue = loss of coordination. But more often injuries are the result of simple physics working against a player. Leverage, working against a player, trumps strength every time. Don’t believe me? Just ask someone who has taken a low hit with their cleat firmly planted in the ground. Then ask them what they did after football.

In the end, the coaches’ saying that injuries are “part of the game” is true but it is just not good enough for Packernation any more. This team needs to start dishing out punishment instead of taking it. Yeah, maybe that means that other teams get injured…hey, sorry about that but it reminds me of a saying I heard once…”Coulda been worse…coulda been me.”

I just want to see how this team can do with the bulk of it’s players on the field for a change! Is anybody with me?



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