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real12thmanThe packers will have a tough task this week attempting to beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks at Century-link Field, where the noise alone will be deafening and Rodgers & Co. will be facing the best defense in the NFL in the “Legion of Boom”.

Aaron Rodgers, while not at 100%, will be tested by one of the best pass rushes along with the best secondary. The O line has come together as a unit since their first meeting and will have to be on top of their game to protect the MVP QB for 60 minutes which I believe they will. Bulaga got injured early in the game in the first meeting and Derek Sherrod stepped in at right tackle and was soon out classed giving up 2 sacks with one leading to a safety, but with Bulaga back and playing at a high level this game will be a lot different, Corey Linsley was in his first game as a rookie having replaced JC Tretter at center so the O line was not playing as a unit, This game they will be!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Watch for Lacy to have a much better game also, He went out the first game with a concussion. Hopefully he does not have a asthma attack like he did last week and can perform at a high level like he has been since the bye week, This O line will keep Rodgers protected longer for him to work his magic, Rodgers knows this is a win or go home moment and has shown he is as tough as they come by playing at a MVP level with a torn calf muscle. Lacy seems to like lining up behind Rodgers with him in the pistol, he gets the handoffs faster so he can spy his holes and hit them at full speed and when he is running like that it is very hard to bring him down, If he gets through the front seven then like he said earlier this year the linebackers and safeties have to make a business decision which most are reluctant to do on their own. Seattle has Lynch but the Packers have the Hulk and he will have his best game of the season. I have a feeling we will see McCarthy dig deep in the playbook this game and break out some screens to Lacy and short crossing routes to Adams/Cobb. After running these types of plays it will open up that big play down field to Nelson. Also watch for R.Rodgers and Quarless to get involved a lot more with 3rd down conversions.

clayNow about the defense. Since the move of Matthews and Barrington getting more snaps in the middle the run defense has improved by leaps and bounds, Hopefully they leave B. Jones in Green Bay for this game because the man can’t play football, he has done nothing but collect penalties that give the other teams points, I am not a big Hawk fan but even he can play better than Jones. They will need to stop Lynch first and foremost but Capers will also have to dial up plays to contain Wilson who is very dangerous with his legs. In my opinion they need to make him win with his arm keep him in the pocket with Peppers and Neal/Elliot on the edges and D. Jones/Giuon/Boyd/Daniels shoring up the middle.

As long as the Packers come to play aggressive football and DO NOT ignore half the field, Meaning Sherman has to be attacked also this game unlike their first meeting. Nelson has shown he can beat the best corners in the league so they need to go after Sherman as well to keep the whole field in play. The last time they played the Legion of Boom got into McCarthy’s head early and made him avoid the right side so they knew they could stack the left to cover the Packs receivers. McCarthy has said over and over that he did not plan it that way but the whole world saw it on prime time TV and came to the same conclusion that he did. So this time around lets hope he brings his A game to be aggressive with all his personnel.

I believe the Packers are a much better team this time around and for the most part have stayed healthy. So they will surprise and prove the odds makers and the nay-sayers alike that are not giving the Pack a chance this game WRONG!

Tell us what you think will happen this game in the comments section below.

Go Pack Go!



Jeffery Hayes

Jeffery Hayes is a contributor to Jeff was born and raised in Kenosha Wisconsin Currently resides in Brooklyn Wisconsin. Been a Packer fan since the 70's


  1.   January 15, 2015, 1:48 am

    Lacy’s asthma was acting up, causing him to have shortness of breath. This is why he wasn’t used more often. McCarthy had to call plays around him, and was smart not to advertise Lacy’s problems to the Cowboys. But it does cause some concern for Lacy’s dependability in the future.

    I get so angry at Brad Jones, and the coaches who put him on the field. Cut the guy and forget about him. Barrington has proven he can play. He may make mistakes here and there, but he doesn’t make the drive extending mistakes that Jones does every single game.

    I’d add Tramon Williams to my list of players that has to go. We’re much better with House on the field. Tramon doesn’t turn around and look for the ball, and can’t tackle.

    I disagree about the pass rush. There were a few times that it wasn’t what it should have been, but they had good pressure on Romo for the most part. Perry is stepping up. Peppers is well worth his contract (the Murray fumble was a game changer). Matthews is playing much better inside. Neal is good at what he does as a situation player. Datone Jones is making plays (that blocked FG was huge). Daniels, Boyd, and Guion are average players at best. Holding the Cowboys to 21 points was a big ask, and all started up front.

    I think it was a great game overall, the most complete game we’ve played all year on offense, defense, and special teams. Had Rodgers been healthy, we’re likely to score 40+ on their D. And 2 of our best drives occurred without Lacy or Starks on the field. Hopefully we can improve upon this game in Seattle. Go Pack go!

  2.   January 13, 2015, 9:16 pm


  3.   January 13, 2015, 8:25 pm

    I have been a Packer fan since I was 14yrs old, I will be 32 on the 24th. I grew up a Cowboys fan. So I know a lot about football. I watched the first half and the Packers made a lot of mistakes. But I was so proud of Aaron Rogers he was amazing!! Oh I laughed at the NY Bozo too!! The rest of the game I didn’t see because I had to work. I watched the replay and I didn’t know what to think…I was so Happy we won, but I have alot of Cowboy fans in my family so I didn’t get to celebrate lol. That was a hard call for the officials to make. Us Packer fans know all to well of how it feels to be screwed by officials!!! So I wouldn’t call the Cowboys fans Cry Babies!! Their team got so close and then all this happened,so have a little respect OK!! As far as Aaron Rogers I don’t think his leg can take another game especially against the Seahawks!I fear that their defense will go after his leg and we all know how dirty Pete Carroll can be!! I hope the Packers win this Sunday!! I will be cheering hard for them at work again unfortunately!! Go Pack Go!!!!

    •   January 13, 2015, 11:10 pm

      Sorry I have no respect for the Cowboys or their fans! I lived in Texas for 4 years and was degraded for being a Packers fan by the CRYBABIES the whole time I lived there so NOPE no sympathy from me

  4.   January 13, 2015, 7:24 pm

    I have problems with Mc’ s play calling also, I feel he runs plays just to run a play and check it off the list. My big concern why go for 1 point after touchdown and your still down by 1, take the chance to tie the game, then when we scored to take the lead he goes for 2, why not both times…… Makes no sense to me!! Did you watch Brady, passes all second half, there good at it, and their mindset is try and stop us if you can, with Mc’s play calling we stop ourselves. Also no one has commented on Sheilds coverage on the none catch, it was great, but single coverage on Bryant???

  5.   January 13, 2015, 7:02 pm

    I believe coach McCarthy and coach capers will let all lose the O, and D ,Sunday, they know win or go home But I di believe coach capers have more of a game plan than coach McCarthy, the offense line just got to master their blocking Go packers

  6.   January 13, 2015, 6:50 pm

    I agree with the Brad Jones assessment. Everytime I see him on the field I cringe. AROD for MVP what a gutsy performance. Defense will need to find another level next week in Seattle for us to have a shot. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!

  7.   January 13, 2015, 6:42 pm

    I don’t understand how someone can complain about McCarthy and his play calling. I wanted to see this kind of playcalling. In case anyone didn’t notice. Lacy was on the sideline with asthma issues. And the way we have been playing in the first half at home,,,you do what works to try to get a big lead and get Rodgers out of the game. And you needed to get A-Rod on track because he hasn’t practiced at all so yeah you need to get him to get the ball down field. This is not a dink an dunk offense. And compared to about 95% of the coaches out there,,I would take his play calling anyday. And I will say this. If we don’t figure out how to cover a TE,,,Luke Wilson is going to eat us alive come Sunday. And if it wasn’t for one lucky reach out (Peppers forced fumble) ,,,,we would have been in a hole that we would have probably not got out of cause Murray was gone once he got thru that hole.If any coach needs called out for play calling it’s Capers,,,not McCarthy. Really,,,offense scoring points left and right and people complain about play calling. Packer fans are starting to get spoiled I swear.

  8.   January 13, 2015, 6:32 pm

    Agree again Jeff with your points. I’m beside myself with Brad Jones. We would be better off playing a man short than putting him in the game. He’s awful!!!!!!!

    •   January 13, 2015, 7:53 pm

      I agree. I’d play one man down rather than have Brad Jones on the field. Bench him, or better yet, leave him in Green Bay this week.
      Bonnie, in Kailua, HI

  9.   January 13, 2015, 6:32 pm

    I think you’re being overly critical of Coach McCarthy. I know he deviated from a plan that was working, but don’t you think that at this level of play he needs to show a bit of flexibility? I mean, play the run and short pass repeatedly and without adjustment, the D will start to adapt to that play. By moving outside the original plan he showed the D it needed to play the whole field, and all scenarios. And to prove we were still agile.

    One thing nobody seems to want to talk about is Hyde. He’s got a lot of talent, loads of know-how, and enough raw potential for me to want to be nice, but he gets straight-up outclassed on plays that matter. Watch the Wilson score for 38 yards as an example. Hyde either (at worst) pooched or (at best) got scalded … there have been other examples, but this one led to 6 easy points. Care to comment?

    -Carl, in Viking Territory

    •   January 15, 2015, 3:42 pm

      When something is working you keep doing it until it stops working, that is just common sense.

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