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Does Passer Accuracy Matter?

The Jets new offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, made a recent statement that he’s not worried about passer accuracy. For some time now, Packer fans have been proudly pointing out how accurate Aaron Rodgers’ passing is.

So, the question is, does it really matter?

Let’s look at the numbers…

Top Ten Completion Percentage 2012

Completion percentage for the 2012 season is as follows…

2012 Season Record

Playoff Appearance 2012


I’ll be the first to point out that a correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. Just because high passer accuracy seems to correlate to high win percentage and playoff appearances doesn’t mean it’s the cause of the win percentage and playoff appearance. Goodness knows it’s more complex than that.

That said, there’s a recurring theme here. The same teams that have high passer accuracy also have great win percentage and are more likely to show up in the playoffs.

There are some anomalies. Tony Romo has a fairly high completion percentage and the Cowboys still find ways to lose games. The Colts made a playoff appearance despite having a QB with the worst completion percentage in the league at 54.0%. And, the Ravens won the Super Bowl behind a highly overrated QB with a completion percentage of just 59.6.

Where were the Jets in all of this?

Behind Sanchez’s 55.2% completion percentage the Jets barely mustered six wins in a 16 game season and said goodbye to the possibility of post-season play long before the season was over.

Mornhinweg might want to rethink his position on how important completion percentage is. Personally, I’ll take Aaron’s 67.2% completion, the Packers’ 11-5 record, and a playoff appearance over Mark Sanchez any season.