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We talked this morning about timing being the most important thing for free agency and Ted Thompson. Show too much interest too soon and overpay, or wait to long in silence and the right guy passes you by. In my opinion, none of the free agents in this year’s class were worth top tier money (not that they aren’t good players), there wasn’t a “right guy” to pursue and pay at all costs. Today a couple names came off the board but there is one guy whose name just keeps coming back around. And now, Adam Schefter is reporting that one of the guys that has PackerNation all abuzz is definitely on the Packers’ radar. 

We did a Point/Counterpoint post on why the Packers don’t need Matt Forte that you can check out here. But following that, we did a follow up post that outlined why Forte would be a great fit and someone the Pack would be after. The posts sparked a LOT of discussion, some love the idea of Forte Becoming a Packer, others don’t see the need. But regardless what your opinion is, we want to get it counted.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

When we do point/counterpoint posts, we conclude them with a PackerNation poll so that everybody can compare their opinion to the rest of the Packer-verse. So here’s your chance. Take a gander at the posts mentioned above and then VOTE. I know in the beginning, I was in one camp and after thinking it through, I changed my opinion. I will put mine below…you put yours.

But be assured of one thing. The Packers are serious about Forte. Does this mean we don’t need and can’t use other FA’s…especially on defense? No. But at the right price, signing Forte does not necessarily mean the end of the free agency period for the Packers, perhaps it is just the beginning. When Schefter tweets team interest, there is team interest and I for one will be watching as the “tampering period” draws to a close to see if this one happens.



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