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One Major Change in Post Game News

Packers fans have unfortunately grown accustomed to seeing starters go down and get helped off the field. But there is another pattern that I have noticed in the recent past, it starts in the post game press conference and when it is bad, carries through the end of the season.

This week, however, saw the first reversal of that trend that I remember for a long time…and it’s a good thing Packers fans.

How many times in recent years have we seen a player go down with a knee or neck injury (in particular) and in the press conference afterward, coach McCarthy tries to reassure everyone that we don’t know anything yet but he thinks the player will be fine. Any time a Packer player goes down, the fans want to know the severity of that injury. The press then hounds McCarthy for an answer (which he doesn’t have) and McCarthy defaults to reassuring the media with the disclaimer that he will “know more” later. This is just the way it works in the NFL but it sets fans up for disappointment when players are then scanned and diagnosed with torn ACL’s and put on IR or worse, neck injuries that require fusion surgery and never see the field again.

Well, this time around, it appears that capricious Fate has seen fit to smile on Packernation. Bryan Bulaga, Packers starting right tackle, has NOT suffered a significant knee injury. The Packers will be cautious with him (fine by me!) and may not work him out on Wednesday so don’t be surprised if he shows up as DNP on the injury report. But this is really good news for Packers fans! Bulaga was not having a stellar game (who was?) against the Seahawks, but I don’t think many in Packernation were happy about the prospect of Derek Sherrod having to start throughout the season with little to no backup behind him. The O-line, which looked deep until Don Barclay was put on IR, would have appeared whisper thin, and any injury would likely have caused a significant shakeup.

As it stands, Bulaga will have a chance to continue to gel with this team, and with Corey Linsley having a good first game (other than the snap gaff of course), the Packers may again have options when Tretter comes back.

Packernation expected a better performance out of the team than what we got on Thursday. But it is good to know that our offensive line will be pretty much together to continue to gel and improve. One thing I saw was that our O-line takes a cue from Sitton and Lang in terms of bringing nasty straight to your facemask and Linsley brought that too. Our tackle situation avoided a major shakeup and things are looking up for the Packers O-line.