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OTA Underdogs: John Crockett

There are always some guys that come into OTA’s as long shots, but some of their stories are so compelling that you just can’t help but root for them. Sometimes we even want one of these long shots to win out over a vet…for example a Carl Bradford (excited to see if Bradford makes a leap this year) over a Brad Jones last season. But this year, there is a guy that I really want to see make the team does not come from the draft class but is un-drafted North Dakota State rookie running back John Crockett.

Having played his High School football in Minnesota and College play at North Dakota State, Crockett will definitely be a weather-ready runningback for the Pack. But to me, I just want to see a small school kid who did nothing but win. Four straight FCS titles is an accomplishment. The call him TAZ and I truly want to see if this kid can unseat James Starks (no disrespect) behind Eddie Lacy in the Green Bay backfield. John is charismatic, fun-loving, and seems to be a really great character guy. I think he is a stud in the stable, kicking at the doors to just be given a chance. Well John, your chance starts right now! Check out the clip below from Draft Academy…when John’s Mom hears that he was finally invited to the Scouting Combine, her response is priceless. Check it out and be sure to give Joe Perovich a sub.