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PackerNation Has an Opinion on This! Make it Known to the world!

One of the most controversial figures on the Packers’ coaching staff is Dom Capers. There are times when he is great and he pretty much has a gold jacket waiting for him down the road. But there are those in PackerNation who want a new defensive coordinator, there can be no doubt about that. 

Just a bit ago…the NFL announced that the Bills have fired Rex Ryan. I believe there are many Packers fans that would like to see new blood at the defensive coordinator position. Simple question folks…should the Pack make Ryan the new Packers defensive coordinator?

The Packers’ defense has had a kind of up and down season but they have also been dealing with significant injuries starting with the loss of Sam Shields and with a TON of losses in between. Do you give Dom a pass? Is it time for a change? Make your opinion known in the head to head poll below: