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PackerNation Head-to-Head POLL: Who Will Have More Yards?

One of the surprises of the Packers’ 2016 season so far is the revolving door at the running back position. The concurrent injuries of Eddie Lacy and James Starks threw the Packers’ offensive backfield into a tizzy. Then, Lacy had to be put on I.R. and Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy avoided the question as to whether the Packers were going to try to draw Lacy off the list once he is healed. Starks practiced this week, but coming off knee surgery in a season where he wasn’t playing well anyway is cold comfort for a team that now has seen players come and players go but no one fill the void of bell-cow back.

But there is big news this weekend:

The Packers are reportedly on track to sign former every-team-in-the-league running back Joique Bell and while Bell has not had staying power either, he is serviceable and very productive out of the backfield. But the fact remains, if the Packers can’t find a running back who can carry the load, they will be relying on Ty Montgomery and Don Jackson going into the last half of the season.

The PackerNation head-to-head poll for the day takes a slightly different twist however. We know Ty Montgomery is going to be set in the Packers’ backfield today. And we can expect Don Jackson to get a little more work as well. But another back that is coming into his own in the Packers’ backfield is not a tailback at all. It is fullback Aaron Ripkowski.

Ripkowski has shown himself to be serviceable in catching passes out of the backfield in the past. He is a big guy so as a fullback he is expected to be a lead blocker. But one thing Rip has developed into is a serviceable quick-hit running back able to get a couple yards when needed. Aaron Rodgers commented this week on his development and the Packers’ situation leans in the direction of more passing attempts so the question becomes…

Who will have more rushing yards against the Colts? Don Jackson or Aaron Ripkowski? Jackson has the position that would expect to get more reps, but the Packers have hinted that Rip’s role could be expanded.

What say you PackerNation?