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Packernation Head to Head Poll: Who Will It Be?

The Packers are a bit banged up on offense and with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town, that is NOT a good thing. The Chiefs’ defense is their strength and the Packers will need to have a good rushing attack to keep the defensive line of the Chiefs honest. A couple of game-time decisions make this an even more interesting matchup in that Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy and wide receiver Davante Adams may or may not play.

I pled for the Packers to save Eddie Lacy in this morning’s AM Quickslant, but Davante Adams is another concern. Adams had been respectable but not exceptional in his second season with the team. A season in which many thought Adams would shine…especially with the loss of Jordy Nelson for the season. But last week Packernation saw Ty Montgomery take advantage of his chances on offense and Adams is still less than 100 percent.

So here is the question…who will have more catches/yards in the game versus the Chiefs? Will it be Adams or Montgomery? Either one of these guys can contribute and we know that Montgomery will be a big part of the special teams performance tonight. But on the field with Aaron Rodgers, will Montgomery have a breakout game? Or will Adams play and keep Monty off the field?

What do you think? Let the world know in the Packernation head to head poll below: