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Packernation POLL: Choose One or the Other and be Counted

There was a lot of talk about how this off-season would be different for the Packers, but so far it is the same old same old…Ted Thompson has managed to keep a few of our own…guys who can’t get any real money elsewhere. While at the same time PackerNation has watched playmaker after playmaker go to other teams, including Trevathan to the Bears, the same Bears who beat the Packers at Lambeau on the night Brett Favre’s jersey was hung up for good. 

Listen, I have no problem with managing risk in the NFL. Guys like Greg Hardy come to mind and what a waste of time and money such players can be. But there is a balance…where free agents are brought in who are motivated but motivated by the chance for a Super Bowl…not the chance for a big contract. And while I totally agree that not every year is there a player or two worth shelling out big bucks for who can take the team to the next level…I also have to wonder if long stretches….years…of doing nothing in free agency is the answer.

You don’t want to break the bank…but at the same time…is your money really working for you if it is not on the field sweating and toiling for another championship? We are the most storied franchise in the league, and yet, are there any stories left to tell? Other than another Aaron Rodgers peak season wasted because we just didn’t have enough good players on the field…I don’t know of any other story since 2010.

So here is my question to PackerNation, plain and simple. This is where you get to have your opinion counted and listed to the rest of the world…here and nowhere else: Is Ted Thompson the “maker” or “breaker” of the Packers? Is he the one that manages the salary cap, and drafts and develops players to keep the Packers competitive…give them a chance every year. Or is he the guy that refuses to take the risks necessary to make the Packers the best team in the league, the guy who won’t spend the money it takes to make the Packers the dominant team…resulting in a good enough for the playoffs team that fritters away Aaron Rodgers’ best years.

Tell the world what you think.