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Mike McCarthy Packers Preseason 2015The Packers’ offense has had its share of difficulty putting up points against the Seattle Seahawks in recent memory. An offense that averages 30 points a game struggles to get in the twenties when playing the Seahawks. The difference may be the fact that this game is played at Lambeau and that difference could be crucial.

Russell Wilson is a smart and mobile quarterback who adds an element to the passing game that could make it difficult for the defense to get off the field any better this Sunday than they did last Sunday. The balance between third downs on offense and defense could be a critical stat. But there are a couple particular difficulties that the Packers defense has to prepare for as well.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Packers run defense was porous again and that does not bode well for a team that has to go from Matt Forte to Marshawn Lynch. Forte is a different kind of back (and, in my opinion the most underrated back in the League) but the Seahawks tipped their hand a bit in the game against the Rams…they want Lynch to get the ball out of the backfield more. Creating space for a guy like Marshawn Lynch could be the biggest headache the Packers have to deal with, both figuratively…and literally. The poor tackling the defense showed in the Bears game will not fly if the Packers want to take advantage of early stumbles by both this selfsame Seahawks team and all the divisional opponents on opening weekend.

But the ‘Hawks have another trick up their sleeve. Jimmy Graham was very quiet in their opener against the Rams but they will plan to bust him out more come Sunday night. Graham adds a tight end threat that the Seahawks have not had in recent meetings with the Packers and the Packers are notoriously bad about letting tight ends gash them. With the revolving door at inside linebacker having yet another new face, the middle of the Packers’ defense could be in trouble when Matthews goes to OLB on passing downs (if they are able to move him at all). Graham is a different type of tight end than Bennett and can exploit miscues in coverage that are likely to happen as they did to Palmer already last week when he came in for Sam Barrington.

So here’s the question…who will be the biggest headache for the Packers this coming Sunday night? Take the Packernation head-to-head poll and let your opinion be counted!



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