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Packernation Poll: Which Returning Player Will Have the Most Impact?

Vic Ketchman didn’t want to answer this one (understandable), but I thought it was an interesting question so I answered it in Part 2 of Breaking Down a “Special” Offense this morning. But Packernation always has an opinion. So today’s Packernation poll asks the question; “Which returning player will have the most impact for the Packers this year?

It’s a tough question to answer because different positions measure impact in different ways. For Davante Adams and Richard Rodgers it may be touchdowns or yards after the catch. For Ha Ha Clinton-Dix it could be passes defensed and of course, interceptions have a big impact. 

The difficulty of this question just makes it more interesting to me. I think most in Packernation have expected Davante Adams to make the biggest impact, but how do you measure the impact that Corey Linsley had by taking over at center last year? Where would we have been without him? So, which returning second-year player do you think will make the biggest impact this year? Click your choice in the poll below and feel free to explain your reason in the comments below or on our Facebook page.