Packernation Season in Review By Fans, For Fans

Awhile back we asked Packernation what their season highpoints were. The response was staggering but centered around a few really tremendous moments in a season where the Packers made it into the playoffs in “Cardiac Pack-like” fasion.

With a long offseason to go before there’s more football, we thought we would share some of the highlights of the 2013 (of which there were plenty) and base all the great memories on what you, the fans said (well, as a fan myself, I may throw some of my own in ;).

First and foremost in almost everyone’s mind: Rodgers to Cobb in the Chicago game for all the marbles. This play won the “Never Say Die” award and showed Packers fans the grit that we all knew this team has. Check it out:

Arod to cobb from GreenBay Packer Nation on Vimeo.


Even though this season did not end the way all Packer fans wanted (Super Bowl baby!) we still have a lot to be proud of from this squad. Mike McCarthy said this Monday in a press conference that this season was by far the most challenging he has had. That includes his first season and the 2010 season.

Look for more good Packer past in future installments!

Go Pack!



Packernation Season in Review By Fans, For Fans

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