Packers’ Backfield ‘Hits the Ground Running’

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Eddie Lacy is BackThe Packers’ running game got a big boost even before Eddie Lacy came to town. The Super Bowl run during the 2010 season was successful in part because of the work of James Starks. Then the Packers picked up Eddie Lacy who became a phenom. Ted Thompson is not one to rest in his laurels however. Just like he continues to bring in wide receivers to the chagrin of many in Packernation, T.T. keeps bringing in running backs. This is especially important as the average length of career for a running back in the NFL is about three years. In Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots, the offensive backfield hit the ground running.


Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Eddie Lacy was 5 for 36 with a long of 17 yards and looked dominant. That is to be expected. What was unexpected was James Starks, who was only 5 for 12 with a long of 5 yards and only a 2.4 yard average. But Starks also went 3 for 38 yards in receiving with a long of 22 and 12.7 yard average. In the preseason, I look for trends and the extra action that Starks got in the passing game was highly successful, so I expect to see the Packers running backs as a big part of the passing attack in the upcoming year. With an offensive line as good as ours, the Packers can afford to send a running back out of the backfield and continue to put pressure on defenses. And we all know that Eddie Lacy can catch, as evidenced by Aaron Rodgers throwing him a dart in the endzone which, though it wasn’t caught, will force defenses to take him into account in the redzone as more than just a run threat or part of the protection scheme.

After Lacy and Starks exited, the young hopefuls got their chance to shine and represented the corps well. Rajion Neal is listed as the third back but that spot is a point of competition. Neal had 4 rushes for 15 yards with a long of 9 yards and a 3.8 yard average and added two catches for five yards and looked sharp. Alonzo Harris posted significant stats though. With 7 carries for 41 yards and a 5.9 yard average, Harris though at time he seemed a bit indecisive, showed he could get up the field. Last but not least was John Crockett who got plenty of action but only averaged 2.6 yards per carry with 10 rushes for 26 yards. Crockett did his best work catching out of the backfield though, with an explosive ten yard touchdown reception.

So the number three running back position continues to be one of the most exciting of this Packers preseason. Who do you think will have staying power for the Packers’ roster? Take the poll and let the world know what you think!



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