GreenBay Packer Nation

Packers Get It Done!

When the Packers needed one…they got it! Up against the wall with a one game deficit to the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers got a big win with the Vikings having a one game lead in the NFC North. The trick is that the Vikings have a VERY difficult stretch coming up and the Packers need to get wins against the Bears and then the Lions in upcoming weeks.

The offense finally got some rhythm with Rodgers 16 of 33 with two touchdowns with four and a half minutes to go in the game. But again…this team played give up ball and ended the series with Randall Cobb dropping a ball to force Mason Crosby to once again be the offense for this team and put the game out of reach.

Crosby made up for a missed walk-off winner against the Lions with five field goals and a significant chunk of the Packers’ offensive point total.

A win is a win against a team that was ahead of the Packers in the standings and the last game of the season still looms if the team cannot hold the line in the coming weeks. But as it stands, the Packers have made a BIG bid to go ahead and take the North yet again this season and it will be interesting to see if the last game of the season has the meaning that it looked like it might at the beginning of this game.

All in all…it was another great performance by the defense, a good day on special teams (for the most part) and a game in which the offense showed that they could once again get the point total up to 30.

Can I get a Go Pack???