Packers Gotta ‘Git ‘Er Done

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The Packers play a pivotal game tomorrow against the Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago. Never in Clay Matthews Training Camprecent memory has so much been riding on such an early game. The loss to the Lions in week three has brought a sense of urgency to close out the first quarter of play with a big away win.

While the Packers organization and Aaron Rodgers have tried to tone down the seriousness of a 1-2 start, Packernation isn’t buyin’. Packers fans want a win…no excuses, no asterisks, a WIN with an exclamation point is just what the doctor ordered. So here’s the prescription:

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

1. Keep the Bears one-dimensional

Jay Cutler and his bevy of receivers are very good and in sync. If the Packers allow Matt Forte to establish a run game, it will be a tough row to hoe for the Packers defense. On the other hand, if the Packers can limit the run game and force Jay Cutler to pass (and who can blame him for wanting to), the Packers pressure has a chance to force errant throws and possibly put the ball up for grabs.

Keep in mind, Matt Forte is dangerous catching the ball out of the backfield. But Forte himself has expressed his displeasure that the Bears run game has struggled out of the gate. The Bears are going to try to correct that against the Packers and it will be important to keep the Bears from having that kind of balance. The Packers are still bottom dwellers against the run but thus far they have faced the wrecking ball of Marshawn Lynch, the Chris Johnson/Chris Ivory combo, and the Reggie Bush/Joique Bell tandem. The Packers will have the opportunity to shut down the run game tomorrow.

2. Establish the run…finally

edEvery defense the Packers run game has faced has been top ten against the run…actually the worst defense they faced is currently ranked number 6. Eddie Lacy WILL blow it up tomorrow…write it down. The Bears defensive backfield has been decimated by injury and they are going to be tempted to take the same approach as the Lions with two deep safeties, daring the Packers to run the ball. The Packers have to make them pay for it this time. They will, with Starks and Lacy forcing the issue, the Bears will have to bring a safety down into the box and that is when Aaron Rodgers will go to work. If they don’t…ground and pound. With the running game working for the first time this season, the Packers will have much more of an opportunity for one on one matchups in the passing game, and if they can take advantage of them and Aaron Rodgers can get in a rhythm, the Packers will be fine.

3. Continue to bring pressure

The Bears receivers are going to make catches…they’re just that good. The Packers have to keep bringing the pressure and rely on a defensive backfield that has played admirably through three games and has showed flashes of opportunism that have been missing for awhile. Jay Cutler will make throws but he will also make mistakes and if the defense can bring pressure, the opportunities will be magnified and multiplied. Green Bay has been hurrying, pressuring, and hitting quarterbacks consistently since just before the second half of the Jets game and teams are not scoring many points on this Packers defense since that time. The Jets were shut out in the second half and the Lions high-powered offense only put up 10 points on the Packers D.


The Packers have to do better on offense, but if the defense continues on its course, they will keep us in games. What a turnaround from last season. We have yet to see this Packers defense be a consistently pressuring defense but tomorrow’s game will be a big one in that regard. Julius Peppers will have something to prove, and if Clay Matthews can stay in for a whole game…well that will help to say the least.

If the Packers offense hits its stride (and I think it will), this game could be the start of a much needed turnaround.



Jeffery Hayes

Jeffery Hayes is a contributor to Jeff was born and raised in Kenosha Wisconsin Currently resides in Brooklyn Wisconsin. Been a Packer fan since the 70's


  1.   January 4, 2015, 9:41 pm

    Green bay will win at there home

  2.   January 3, 2015, 11:52 pm

    I kept looking for your Rant and Rave… but didn’t see it. I look forward to your posts every week. Could you possible do some post on the off season? Let the fans outside of Greenbay know what is going on?

    •   January 4, 2015, 12:20 am

      I did a R&R Leah and I don’t know if they will want me to or not I am just a fan that contributes to this site. I usually speak from the heart on what I feel and I am kind of bias since I bleed green & gold lol but we will see how it goes.

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