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Packers Interested in Wayne?

I think someone is pulling my leg. I see no way that this is being discussed seriously (if, in fact, it’s true at all).

Packers Have No Need at WR

The Packers are currently set at one, two, and three receiver. Unless Adams takes a step back like Boykin did, that group is solid. The real receiver competition for the Packers is for the fourth slot. If the Packers picked him up, Wayne would be the fourth receiver and would watch most of the game from the sidelines. There’s no way Reggie would be satisfied with that situation and there’s no reason on earth for the Packers to hire him only to put him in that situation. There are too many up-and-coming receivers on the roster that could fill that fourth slot.

Free Agency and Tight-Fist Ted

Ted doesn’t open his wallet for just any free agent. In fact, Ted rarely opens his wallet for a free agent. He will go after a free agent to fill a team need, but he has to get really good value out of the deal. That means he must get someone dirt cheap or pay a reasonable price for high production (ie. Julius Peppers).

The problem in this situation is that…

There is no Packer need for receivers.


Even if there is a grain of truth to the Packers’ “interest” in Reggie Wayne, nothing will come of it.