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Packers Offense Becoming a Headache For Defensive Coordinators

A fast Ford Field could hurt the Detroit Lions tonight. A Packers offense that has been smoking hot since the Seahawks game should benefit from being indoors during tonight’s game. While the Lions will have a homefield advantage and the crowd noise may be a problem, being indoors might make a great Packers offense practically unstoppable. I think there are three positions/players in particular that will benefit, and the last one may surprise you.

1. The wideouts on the perimeter

The Lions will be doing whatever they can to slow down Jordy Nelson (good luck on that) and if Slay can go today that will be job one. But any of the Packers perimeter receivers can go down town. Davante Adams and even Geronimo Allison, if Randall Cobb can’t go – or situationally, could get a shot play at any time.

Relative to player position, (and barring any warping of the time/space continuum) the fastest way to the end-zone is a straight line. The Packers always look for the shot play and it is reasonable to think that at Ford Field, the Packers will need a couple big time shot plays to win. I look for our perimeter guys to make those one or two big, difference-making plays that can change entire games.

2. Ty Montgomery

The Packers found Serendipity in the midst of “Serenity NOW!” when both Eddie Lacy and James Starks went out at the same time earlier in the season. It took awhile to figure out exactly Ty Montgomery fit the offensive scheme but he was a fantastic surprise. Ty can do it all but his speed to the edges on a fast field will make him a significant weapon in this game. The Packers are going to want to mix in the run and spread the defensive splits out and try to take time off the clock to keep Stafford watching from the sidelines and Monty’s speed will be big.

3. Aaron Rodgers

Last but certainly not least, Aaron Rodgers showed last week that his calf and hammy are just fine. Teams taking on the Packers have seen Aaron Rodgers pick defenses apart in the weeks following his “I think we can run the table” statement while being hampered by a couple nagging injuries. Last week, with Rodgers’ phenomenal shuck and jive on Xavier Rhoades to get into the endzone and ensuing Lambeau Leap, Rodgers showed the world that he is 100 percent.

This makes the Lions’ task on defense all the more difficult. The threat or Rodgers running for a first down is real and if their efforts to cover Jordy and the Packers many talented receivers is successful…it likely will require resources that practically guarantee that Aaron Rodgers will be successful on the ground. On the other hand, if the Packers commit a spy LB to Rodgers, the middle of the field is going to be vulnerable to not just the slot receiver, but also a guy like Jared Cook.

So I think the Packers right now have an offense that is an absolute headache for defensive coordinators in the league. And I believe that the Packers offense will actually find an edge in the windless, dome and on the fast field in Detroit tonight.

Go Pack!