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Packers Offense Makes Indirect Strides

It has been said “You learn more from your failures than successes.” This is true. While I would in no way characterize the Packers offensive performance as a “failure” the fact remains that a lot of players put down film that they can learn from. It started with the first play from scrimmage, a brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed play-action pass that hit Ty Montgomery in the hands down the right sideline in what would have been at the very least a big gain…had he caught the ball. I said before this game that I would be disappointed if the Packers didn’t win it going away and, in truth, they did. The Packers’ win against the ‘Niners was the largest margin of victory so far this year. And though it wasn’t a flashy win, the Packers reach the quarter-point of the season undefeated with a couple of home games before a much-needed bye week. And, in truth, the Packers offense made strides this week. Mark it down, add it up…those mistakes and “almost made” plays are gold that will be cashed as the season goes along. 

I hope it didn’t sound like I was picking on Ty Montgomery as I have been in his corner since the beginning. If you listen to any of his post-game interviews, you know that Ty is a perfectionist. The problem with perfectionists (I know, I am one of them) is that they sometimes cannot see the value of mistakes in the betterment of a player. Ty is contributing to this team in the absence of Adams and I, for one, like what I see. Just think about the next time he gets a step on someone and catches Aaron Rodgers’ eye. Rodgers is going back to him, mark my words.

Now for a touchy one…Don Barclay. I think Barclay put more ahem…potential improvements…on film than anybody and for awhile I was beginning to wonder if Aaron Rodgers was gonna be safe out there. But Rodgers didn’t get hurt and Barclay will make corrections to the best of his ability. I don’t think his ability is quite where we want it to be, but until Bulaga gets back, that is what we have. And we all know that the Rams will have paid attention to Barclay’s mistakes so those improvements are not just important, but also urgent. Get it fixed Don, you can do it. And notice that the Packers did not immediately call in Richard Rodgers to help Barclay out. That tackle position is an “island” position in the Packers offense, it is assumed that if you stand in that gap…you will hold the line. Though Barclay didn’t hold often enough, I think he will bounce back and have a much better game against the Rams.

I have yet to review the film but I still have hopes that somewhere in there Jeff Janis sees some way to become more than a placeholder on this team. My bold prediction for Janis this game was that he would get on the board for the first time, and honestly, that pass to Montgomery would have been exactly the type of opportunity I expected Janis to get…and make. But Janis, while a demon on special teams has yet to translate the play-making ability he flashed in the preseason out on the field when it counts. But Janis now has Jared Abbrederis breathing down his neck and personally I would be just as happy if Abby got out there and made his presence known….but one of them needs to.

While this was not the best offensive performance, it was a fantastic learning experience for some young players on this team. Reps like that are precious and for a team to also win by its biggest margin of the season is a testament to the defense as it comes together and also to the fact that with some corrections (that would have been much more difficult to make without mistakes on tape), these young receivers and this O-line can battle adversity, take on a bitter rival that is backed into a corner and playing in its own ‘hood, and walk away with a win.

I struggled to see the Packers offense have the difficult time they did with an inferior opponent. I had to wonder if the 49’ers were playing up to their competition or the Packers were playing down to theirs. But Packernation in general agreed…”A WIN IS A WIN” and that taking one from the 49’ers was satisfying indeed. The fact that we saw the defense come to the offense’s aid and the fact that young players got valuable reps makes this win just that much more satisfying and enjoyable. And I look for a BIG bounce-back game against the Rams back at Lambeau.

Go Pack!