Packers to Address Packernation: Brett Favre to Packers HOF and Jersey to be Retired in 2015

brettkidWell Brett Favre announced on his official website that he will be returning to the Packers in 2015 for induction into the Packers Hall of Fame and to have his jersey retired. By all counts this appears to be the will of Packernation finally coming to fruition. I addition to thousands of e-signatures on the petition, thousands of others in Packernation posted, shared, and commented that they wanted Brett back. Well Packernation, you asked for it and you GOT IT!

Of course, the official press conference is not until 1:30 CST and you can see it here, so we can’t be certain of the official details but the day has finally come when we will know that Brett Favre, for all his late-career prodigal wanderings, is coming home.

While I understand why some Packers fans still hate Brett (I was  pretty mad myself when it happened and for a long time afterward) I think the opinion of Packernation comes down to a couple basic facts:

Brett’s time with other teams pales in comparison to his time with the Packers

Sure, Brett played for four different teams, but he spent 16 seasons with the Packers. Those years are the ones that defined his career. Nobody hates Brett for getting drafted by Atlanta for obvious reasons, in fact how many of us have joked on Jerry Glanville for letting Brett Favre go to the Packers. When Brett was traded to the Jets, many people blamed Ted Thompson (how many of us were unsure that Ted was the guy for the Packers back then?). But it all went to heck in a hand-basket when Brett appeared to broker the deal that brought him to the team that Packers fans have less respect for than any other team…the Vikings.

Hey listen…I hated seeing him go to the Vikings as much as anyone else but are we really gonna let some other team claim one of the greatest players to ever play the game, I guy who put the Packers on the map even as the Packers put him on the map…over TWO seasons?

The sad part is, by the time Brett Favre is inducted into the Packers HOF and has his jersey retired, his touchdown record will likely have been eclipsed by Peyton Manning.

If there is no longer any bad blood between Brett and the organization, Packernation should forgive as well

The Packers organization has been talking about how they want to do this for awhile. And Brett has been ready to do it too. There was some talk about Brett being afraid of being booed if he returned to Green Bay but Packernation seems, for the most part, to have been able to move on.

Even Aaron Rodgers has said that Brett’s jersey should be retired and the sentiment has been echoed throughout both camps. So I for one am ready to see it get done. The conflict between the Packers and Brett Favre was a natural thing to happen given the situation: A veteran quarterback nearing retirement and a young, promising rookie who could be the future of the club…on the same team. The definition of conflict is two things trying to occupy the same space at the same time. With Brett and Aaron on the same team, conflict was inevitable and people chose sides from there. But there is no conflict now…none.

Honors should be about what a player did as a Packer, and if they deserve it…give it to ’emBRETT

The plain and simple fact is that Brett Favre¬†earned these honors with his blood, his sweat, and his tears…period. No one who earned such honors as a Packer should have them withheld because they spent two years with the Vikings. We say of players like Jordy Nelson who deserve contracts…”Pay the man!” Brett Favre has earned these honors…PAY THE MAN!

We cheer the greatest sports organization on the planet

I’m so glad that this is finally getting done! The Packers organization, while a business, is one that really seems to strive to be a friendly, fun setting for the dead serious task of winning championships. I think today’s announcement just proves once again that the Packers are a great organization with great leadership and great players past and present who can come together when it really matters. We are NOT just a football team, we are a NATION. We’re PACKERNATION!

But what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.



Packers to Address Packernation: Brett Favre to Packers HOF and Jersey to be Retired in 2015 — 13 Comments

  1. Yet another good read Brady! I for one agree that Brett has earned his right and then some to be inducted to the Packers HOF and retire his number. I can remember the years before Farve and they were not to pretty, sure the Magic man was exciting and gave us some great memories but soon as he went down and Farve stepped in it was like night and day, Packers fans could not wait for Sunday to watch this new young gunslinger play the game. He gave us good times and bad throughout his 16 years but the good by far out weight the bad.
    So with that said let us as humble Packer fans remember him for what he gave us week in and week out “Hope” and the vision of our team coming from the depths of 80’s into the heights of the 90’s. Welcome home Brett, #Packerforlife

  2. Thanks Jeff! And well said, that Brett brought us hope…every game he played we felt like we had a chance. I am really glad this is coming about just in time for another great Packers season and we can watch our current Packers carve out their own legacies while knowing our past legend will be coming home soon!

  3. Crap!! He wanted to play for the Packers and he did. For 16 yrs he almost did his job, But with all those interceptions we could have won a few more games. He retired, changed his mind, played with the Jets, retired and played with the Vikes. NOW he wants to have his jersey retired. I still say Crap.. life doesn’t always give you want you want. But I guess if you are Brett Favre, it does. CRAP!!!!

    • He almost did his job? Are you forgetting 2 SB game`s one of which we won. He was a great player to watch when he was a packer. Gave us ulcer`s with some of the picks but also made us happy as hell with some great throw`s. His personal life is his business, going to other team`s sucked but this is about his time as a Green Bay Packer. Move on life is short and we have Aaron now, already one ring! GOPACKGO

      • I watched every game Favre played. I cheered him on, admired his talent and cried when he lost his dad. Since my opinion doesn’t matter to you, I sincerely apologize. I didn’t realize the world revolved around you.

  4. Woo Hoo!!! Well Deserved, Brett. I Wasn’t Mad At Him For Leaving, I Was Upset Because I Couldn’t See Him Play For My Favorite Team Every Week. I Still Cheered For Him. Welcome Back. You Were Missed

  5. Brett farve is one of the greatest football players of all time , and the ironman will go down in history as a Green Bay Packer !

  6. from titletown…. Green Bay is Brett and Brett is Green Bay. We live ammile from Lambeau and go ast it several times a day. We will never forget the gunslinger in all the games we were lucky enough to see him play in. WE love Aaron also but Brett made this town and we’re happy he’ll be back.Just bought the Grandson an on fieldjersey at the Pro shop. He’ll wear it with pride. Welcome home Brett and Deanna. Hall of Fame awaits, Canton also………..

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