Eat or Be Eaten

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 It’s difficult to even write a post about the coming opponent when our team just refuses to execute up to their capabilities. Still, while the Vikings are playing some good football and are definitely our most challenging divisional rival this season, there are some chinks in their armor which the Packers can take advantage of.

The question is WILL the Packers take advantage of those chinks

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Packers Defense

Let’s start with the Packers defense. After all it’s the only team that’s been consistent throughout. That makes it easier to predict how they’ll match up.

Defensively speaking this should be Packers-Vikings match up like most others in recent history. The Vikings are currently number one in rushing offense in the league averaging 147.2 yards per game. On the other hand, they rank number 31 in pass offense. So, our defensive strategy is once again stop Adrian Peterson and win the game.

Bridgewater has been doing better the season, but as long as you keep him moving parallel to the line of scrimmage and don’t let him scramble on you he still continues to have difficulty finding receivers downfield. If Teddy starts putting up deep passes we should be able to intercept one or two.

In fact, the Vikings passing offense is so bad that, despite the fact that they have the number one rushing offense, their total offense ranks way down at number 29.

The Packers Offense

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Statistically speaking the Vikings are another stout defense. They ranked #9 in total defense, they’re #8 in pass defense, and they rank 15th in run defense.

Against the Packers offense that has taken the field last three games I have little doubt that the Packers will have a tough time generating enough points to beat the Vikings. On the other hand, if the Packer offense can break out of that slump, we could easily put up plenty of points to win this game.

Final Thoughts

I think every Packer fan knows that at some point, the Packers will become the Packers again. There’s just no way they can continue in this slump indefinitely. I just hope that they pick this week to break out of it, because we need this win.


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