Morning After Rant and Rave

The morning after each game is a good time to blow off some steam after a big loss or huzzah a big largeforwebwin. What do the Packers need to work on? What did they do well? Each game has its share of little victories and little gripes…let’s call it R&R…”Rant” and “Rave”. So here is my take on the game… Continue reading

What We Learned Against the Jets

jordyOne of very few benefits to the Packers’ season opening match in Seattle two Thursdays ago was the extra time allowed to identify and correct issues that went wrong against the defending champs. A 21-3 deficit midway through the first half of Green Bay’s Week 2 game versus the Jets suggested that the game film from Seattle never actually made it back to the Packers practice facilities.

In a sloppy and somewhat-undeserved victory over New York, the Packers continued to commit familiar mistakes, ranging from simple miscommunication to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to confusion on defensive personnel groups. The first half of the game saw many missed tackles by Packers defenders on New York’s good-but-not-great running back trio.

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Packers Storm Back!

Well the Packers spotted the Jets too many points in this game. But with a little over five minutes leftreal12thman in the first half…the turnaround began! Hey this team made mistakes, got itself in a hole, and at times frustrated Packers fans…but THIS IS A WIN!

The LAST thing the Packers could afford was to go into the NFC North streak (in which they play all rivals in the next three weeks) 0-2. The Packers got behind early and looked dazed, confused, and lackluster but it all changed toward the end of the second quarter. Continue reading

Where is the Family Headed???

The NFL just recently divulged that Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child injury. This in the adriansame week that Ray Rice was cut by the Ravens after evidence surfaced that he had punched his girlfriend in the face. This is the kind of stuff we are supposed to take out on the field guys!

There are those who support Adrian Peterson and the jury is still one really knows what happened or what part Adrian played at this point. But am I the only one who worries when the safety and well-being of this country’s women and children are at risk? Shouldn’t the millions these guys (no matter what team they play for) make go toward their family’s safety and well-being? Continue reading

Breaking Down Week 2 vs. the Jets

The Packers opened their regular season with a loss for a third straight season last week, with problems evident in all three phases of the game. This week’s home opener against a mediocre Jets Packers Safetyteam on Sunday seems to be the ideal recipe for correcting course, though New York does pose some threats to Mike McCarthy avoiding his first 0-2 start as Packers head coach.

New York committed heavily to the run game on offense against the Raiders in Week 1 – and for good reason. A backfield equipped with Chris Ivory and newly-added Chris Johnson chewed up the Raider defense for 212 yards on 34 carries. With the Packers missing both B.J. Raji and Brad Jones on Sunday, it would seem likely that the Jets stick with this run-first mentality.

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Week 2: Poll Results and Game Report

Well the injury report is in and some questions remain. But the main question for this week is whether 20130911-103350.jpgthe Packers defense will improve. After giving up the second most yards on the ground last week against Seattle, the Packers defense will face a Jets ground game that put up the most yards on the ground last week.

Poll Results: Should he stay or should he go?


Wednesday, GPN put out a poll to see what Packernation thought about Dom Capers. Well the results are in and Packernation has a decided opinion on this one.   Continue reading

What 2 Watch 4: Packers V. Jets

The Packers home opener against the Jets looks like the perfect opportunity for Green Bay to get back on real12thmantrack after an embarrassing showing against the Seahawks. And with three successive games against NFC North opponents to follow, getting back on track is not just important, it is paramount.

But the Packers cannot afford to overlook the Jets in this game, while it could hardly be earlier in the season, with the Packers schedule it looks like a fast start is at stake in this game because with away games at the Bears and the Lions coming up to falter now may jeopardize the Packers situation toward the end of the season.

On the other hand, a good showing against the Jets could be just the confidence boost this team needs. But this will not be a walk in the park. Continue reading


Well, with no more than ONE game in the books, many in Packernation are already calling for Dom Capersvote to be fired. The performance of the defense against the Seahawks was enough to convince fans who were already skeptical from last season, that it is time for Dom to go.

While some would say that anyone who wants Capers fired is just a “hater”, I disagree. People who want Dom Capers fired are not Dom Capers haters…they’re Packers lovers. Those who feel that Dom should stay are Packers lovers too though, so where is is the middle way?

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