Scouting Report Part 2: Miami Dolphins

Tomorrow the Packers take on the ‘Phins and this game should be fun more than interesting. There thumbare a few cautions, however in watching the Dolphins first four games that should be noted. If the Packers play the way they have been playing for the past couple of games, they will be fine but here are three things to watch out for:  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Brett!

It’s Brett Favre’s birthday today! Everybody click below to wish him a great day! This guy did so brettkidmuch for the Packers, putting us back on the map and bringing the Lombardi Trophy back home to Green Bay!

Here is a top ten plays list from ESPN, it is a shaky vid, but I love it because it has a “back in time” feel:

Everybody wish Brett a Happy Birthday!


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Breaking Down Week 6 vs. the Dolphins

thumbThe Packers travel to Miami during Week 6, where they haven’t played since 2006. While Miami is coming off of its bye week, Green Bay also arrives on several extra days of rest, having played its Week 5 game on Thursday night. The Packers’ visit to Miami will serve as a reunion with former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and offensive lineman Daryn Colledge – as well as a chance to redeem themselves of a bad loss at home against the Dolphins in 2010.

It’s difficult to know the Dolphins’ true identity just five weeks into the season. Outside of topping the Patriots during Week 1, Miami has only beaten a high school-caliber Raiders team. Meanwhile, the Dolphins’ pedestrian offense (that somehow ranks 15th in the NFL) couldn’t keep pace with those of Buffalo and Kansas City during Weeks 2 and 3.

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Early Scouting Report: Miami Dolphins Part 1

The Packers face a Dolphins team that will be fresh off their bye on Sunday. Is this team a threat? dolphinsThe Packers have been trending upward lately but don’t have any wiggle room in the NFC North. While a look at the Dolphins record (2-2) may not seem impressive, one of the Dolphins’ wins came against the New England Patriots.

What will the Packers need to do to secure a win? Read on to find out.

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Keep Your Enemies Closer…

There is an obscure old saying, provenance unknown, but it seems to be either a political or military NORTHexpression. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” With the Bears still close but falling into the Packers rear view mirror with a loss against the Panthers last Sunday, the Detroit Lions hold serve on the Packers with the season finale as the clincher if things stay as they are.

But there is a LOT of football to be played between now and December 28th for both teams. Right now though, let’s keep our enemies closer. Let’s take a look at the Lions chances to keep it tight for the rest of the season. I think they have another stumble coming up…one that would have the Packers with their destiny in their own hands once more. Read on to find out more! Continue reading

Hidden Gems of the Packers Defense

This offseason, the Packers made a couple valuable changes/additions to the defense that had PackersJulius Peppers 2014 Training Camp fans excited about what this year could bring. The signing of Julius Peppers, drafting of Clinton-Dix, and Micah Hyde’s move to the safety position all indicated that the Packers were no more satisfied with their defense than Packernation.

While it took awhile to come to fruition, and many including myself are still in “wait and see” mode, the Packers defense shows signs that it has turned the corner. This week, some of the things I have been writing about and thinking about were echoed by defensive coordinator Dom Capers. Continue reading

A Delightful Bonus

Well, the Packers big win against the Minnesota Vikings had GPN’s own Jeff Hayes making plans toimages rotate his tires on Sunday. “Hey Jeff…hope ya watched some football!”

Packers fans were treated to a delightful bonus on Sunday, watching the Bears blow a lead to hand their first away loss to the Carolina Panthers AND seeing the Lions find a way to lose (thanks, in large part to Matthew Stafford) to the Kyle-Orton-led Buffalo Bills. If the stars ever aligned like that again, we would have to name the constellation “G-Force Major”. Here are some takeaways from this weekend’s festivities. Continue reading