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Don’t Sleep on Herb Waters

  6 months ago     229 Views     1 Comment  

The Packers have a knack for converting receivers...the latest evidence lies in one Ty Montgomery. But Herb Waters is a receiver converted to cornerback that may make ripples this coming year.  (more…)

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Amp’ed Up Athleticism is a Great Start to Training Camp

  6 months ago     296 Views     2 Comments  

The Packers will now take their final break before training camp. One recurring theme in the press conferences that was also highlighted by coach McCarthy's presser earlier today was the fact that the athleticism of this year's team "jumps off the page". Packer Nation has seen this in several players but as a group, this team could become the kind that can push defenses with the hurry-up offense early and on defense, can bring it at the end of games. Now, admittedly, there is much more to a great football team than raw athleticism but the game is still made…

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Packers Quest for Balance Starts Now

  6 months ago     274 Views     Leave your thoughts  

Last year's running back situation left the Packers' attempts to establish the running game, at times, a crap-shoot. With Starks out and Lacy down for the count, the team really had a revolving door until Ty Montgomery stepped in and Aaron Ripkowski came on strong. Attempts to achieve greater run/pass balance looked more forced than anything. Now without Lacy, the Packers have a bevy of rookies, one of whom will be slated for the number two spot behind Monty. How do they stack up? We will discover that here. (more…)

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If You Haven’t Seen This…

  6 months ago     206 Views     1 Comment  

If you haven't seen is the time: Basaraski Productions gives the perfect summation of last year's run. What you will see will give you chills...WARNING to all Packers fans! (more…)

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Offseason Analysis: One Formations To Stick With in 2017

  6 months ago     205 Views     Leave your thoughts  

The off-season is a great time to analyze what worked and what didn't for the 2016 Packers team. Today I want to talk about one formation that was deployed from time to time last year and did not meet with as much success as expected. The Packers rolled out this formation against the Dallas Cowboys in week six last year and, frankly, it didn't work. Let's look into what didn't work and then talk about whether there is opportunity to to continue using it in 2017 with the personnel that we now have.  (more…)

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