Packers to Address Packernation: Brett Favre to Packers HOF and Jersey to be Retired in 2015

brettkidWell Brett Favre announced on his official website that he will be returning to the Packers in 2015 for induction into the Packers Hall of Fame and to have his jersey retired. By all counts this appears to be the will of Packernation finally coming to fruition. I addition to thousands of e-signatures on the petition, thousands of others in Packernation posted, shared, and commented that they wanted Brett back. Well Packernation, you asked for it and you GOT IT!

Of course, the official press conference is not until 1:30 CST and you can see it here, so we can’t be certain of the official details but the day has finally come when we will know that Brett Favre, for all his late-career prodigal wanderings, is coming home.

While I understand why some Packers fans still hate Brett (I was  pretty mad myself when it happened and for a long time afterward) I think the opinion of Packernation comes down to a couple basic facts: Continue reading

Click Here To Wish Jared Abbrederis Well!

News of Jared Abbrederis’ ACL injury dampened Family Night for Packers fans who also follow theJared Abbrederis Badgers.. We saw a lot of good things…a lot of exciting things, but did not get a chance to see Jared out there catching passes and running around.

This is a setback…nothing more and as AJ Hawk hinted, Abbrederis will look back on this year with a smile after a long and illustrious career with the Packers. Of course, there is no guarantee of that but Jared has a real shot and could contribute to the longevity and success of Aaron Rodgers too. The Wisconsin Badgers have produced top quality receivers in the past and the Packers picked Abbrederis for a reason. Continue reading

It’s Time For Family Night!

Yes, I know…the Packers won’t be scrimmaging at tonights Family Night practice but it is still a familynightchance to see the team practice just before the preseason begins. If you are not in Wisconsin, check the game out here.

And keep in mind, as we have said here at GPN, the MOST important thing for the Packers Training Camp is to stay healthy. Abbrederis has sustained a knee injury already and we do NOT need any starters going down during Family Night. There will be enough risk during the 4 preseason games but if we can survive those…we could have a great start to the 2014 season! Continue reading

AM Quickslant: Long Term Lacy?

One of the best surprises of the 2013 season, well, let’s face it, the BEST surprise of the 2013 season

Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

was Eddie Lacy. Watching Eddie Lacy truck linebackers and cornerbacks was one of the highlights of the season, especially for Packers fans like myself who had been saying that we needed a successful running game for years. Eddie Lacy brought balance to the Packers offense like Anakin Skywalker brought balance to the force in Star Wars…just because he brought balance, didn’t mean nobody got hurt.

But there is a problem…The Packers used Lacy too much. Continue reading

Quickslant: BJ’s Best Camp?

A lot of Packers fans were not high on BJ Raji this offseason, stating that he did little or nothing BJ Rajiduring the season to make the case that he should be re-signed. The thinking was that he would cost too much, had done little, and that there would be a replacement available when the Packers picked in the first round.

I was NOT one of those people even though I too was a bit disappointed in BJ’s performance. When news of the contract came out, I was happier still because one year for 4 million with $500,000 guaranteed was much easier to stomach than 8M a year.¬† Continue reading

AM Quickslant: Get Ready For Assault And Peppers

There’s an old saying in the NFL that has come en vogue again after last year’s Super Bowl: “Offense wins Julius Peppers 2014 Training Campgames, defense wins championships”. Within a defense, there is nothing more valuable than an elite pass rusher. Last year’s Packers’ defense put little pressure on quarterbacks in the absence of Clay Matthews…and we didn’t win a championship. That is about to change. Continue reading