Ed Sabol: Rest In Peace

ed sabolMost of the game-changers in the NFL change the game by their play on the field. Ed Sabol changed the way fans see the game, hear it…he changed the NFL experience. The founder of NFL films brought fans closer to the game by bringing the sights, sounds, brutal physicality and even comic nature of our beloved game right into the fans’ living rooms.  Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions: Part 1

Packers QBsThe Packers have some important decisions to make this off-season. Free agency can significantly change the face of an NFL franchise in short order. This year’s Packers team could possibly be missing one or more key players from the 2014 team. The Packers free agent list is significant this year and how they balance free agent signings is also therefore significant. Continue reading

Clements To Take Over Play-Calling Duties

Mike McCarthy Contract ExtensionYesterday, news began to leak out that Mike McCarthy might be relegating play-calling duties to Tom Clements. As reported on WDUZ-FM in Green Bay, Clements has been elevated to associate head coach and will call the plays. Wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett will replace Clements as offensive coordinator.  Continue reading

Aaron Rodgers Blames Tampa Turf For Calf Injury

IMG_0989.JPGAaron Rodgers has leveled a serious accusation at Tampa Bay about their field conditions. On his radio show Thursday, Aaron Rodgers said, “I think there’s a couple of surfaces that are more likely to create injury than prevent injury.” He also said of Raymond James Field in particular “I’ve played there three times and been hurt there, in my opinion directly related to the field, twice.” Continue reading