It’s All About the Fans

We try to talk about the team on the AM Quickslant but hey…what’s a team without fans! I can say firsthand that the fans that went to the Packers/Titans game last Saturday were DIE NEVER fans (that’s a step above die hard and describes MOST Packers fans btw)!

Amanda and this group of loyal Packers fans not only braved the rain but even purchased a ticket for Amanda’s brother, Adam “AJ” Ransom, who died in a motorcycle accident. Amanda, we KNOW Adam was with you and LOVED watching the Packers game. Besides, there’s no rain in heaven…right? RIP “AJ” you are loved and never forgotten. Enjoy the season too because it will be a long one…Packers be goin’ to the Super Bowl!

Say “Hi” to Amanda Renae, Amanda Vincent, Bubba Vincent, Shannon Gold, Tommy Littlepage:amanda3

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AM Quickslant: 3 Targets for Aaron Rodgers Versus the Rams

It’s Wednesday…”hump daaaaayyyyeah!” More preseason games again tomorrow and the Pack at aordthe Rams on Saturday. I was watching the Aaron Rodgers interview today and three things jumped out at me.

But first, let me just say that it was good to hear Aaron’s thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams. We know the guy was not perfect but he gave some many people SO MANY laughs…sad. The Cheese did a little memorial post, if you want to make a comment, you can see that here.

So here are a few targets that I have for Aaron Rodgers on Saturday. The first two are from Rodgers himself and the last I read between the lines: Continue reading

And the Final Plus

Well, tomorrow it will be time to focus on the game against the Rams Saturday but for right now, ten-titans-revolutionthere is one more thing I want to mention about last Saturday’s game against the Titans.

Remember last season when our defensive backfield couldn’t stop anybody? I don’t know about you but I have a feeling, after watching the Titans game, that this season will be different in that regard. I loved how Ha Ha played in the Titans game…sure, he missed a tackle but he also was disruptive back there, broke up a pass and hammered the ball out of a receiver’s hands. This guy got tested…and it looked like he liked it! Continue reading

AM Quickslant: One BIG Question Answered

Tomorrow starts the short downhill stretch to the preseason game versus the Rams…woot! So today JC TretterI want to close up the conversation on the preseason game against the Titans with a couple posts about what went right in what on paper just looks like a loss in the rain.

The more I review this game, the more there is to like. There is a reason Mike McCarthy was so happy to have played in such wet conditions on Saturday. The fact that the players got the experience was not the only reason. The fact that some critical players played very well is another. Continue reading

The Green Cheesebox

20140809_220937OK…anybody who saw this vehicle between Milwaukee and Nashville…let us know who you are 20140809_221336and where you saw it. This…is the Green Cheesebox, and it just might be the coolest, bestest vehicle on the highway today.

The Green Cheesebox is a “shortbus” for Packers fans. Outside, on the side it says “Lambeau Field School District” and on the back it says “Green Cheese Box”. Inside, the Green Cheese Box has seating for six, Packer lighting and other hangings…and a bunch of the coolest Packers fans you’ll find anywhere, including one (Ewan) from Glasgow, Scotland. Continue reading

The Best Pic That I DIDN’T Get At The Game

Well in the last post, we talked about the starting offense and how James Starks and the offensive Clay Matthews Training Campline showed the dominance that we expect from this team in the run game. Also, it showed that our second string running back can average over 8 yards a carry against a starting defense. Pretty cool.

But a LOT of the anticipation for this year’s team has been about how the defense will improve after a lackluster showing last year. Well, here is a little point/counterpoint with myself (well, I don’t have anyone but myself to argue with at 8:00 in the morning!) about the defense and I will also share with you the one picture that, while I didn’t get it on film, it is burned into my memory because it was SO exciting! Continue reading

Packers Fans…BEST EVER ANYWHERE! Part 1

While we were standing in the concourse of the Packers Titans game, watching the game on the screen 20140809_220937between dry spells, we decided to introduce ourselves to a few people. What we found will be no surprise to anyone…give a click and say “Hi” to some of the best fans in the world…

And if you don’t know what the “Green Cheese Box” is…read on and get the answer in part two of this post.

Continue reading

AM Quickslant: A Wet Start to the Preseason

The Packers preseason kicked off with a clash with the Titans at LP Field last night and the game lpfieldcouldn’t have been…wetter! Shortly before the game, thunderstorms circled the area threatening to end our chances of seeing any football at all. But by game-time things had gotten a whole lot better…no thunder, no lightning…just torrential rain. We entered LP Field…well it might be more accurate to say we scuttled in like a couple of drowned rats, with football on our minds and hope in our hearts that our tickets could still be read by the scanners. Heck, I think we SWAM most of 3rd Avenue!

When we got inside we had to immediately seek shelter while we sorted out what soggy garments and paraphernalia were still worth keeping. But we could only do so AFTER we have found a screen to view the game. And this soggy, dodgy game gave me a LOT to talk about. Too much, in fact, for one post. Continue reading

Ready for Assault & Peppers

Assault & PeppersIs the league ready for the Packers’ new Assault & Peppers?

Offensive coordinators will be doing a lot of guessing in 2014 when they meet the Packers. Teams won’t be able to focus on Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers will finally get to move around the field like he’s always wanted. Here’s a taste of what’s coming at NFL QBs this season.

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