Will A 4 Down ILB Emerge?

benardrick mckinney 2The Packers have made clear their intention of finding an answer at inside linebacker with the release of AJ Hawk along with that of Brad Jones. While this does leave Sam Barrington, it sure does make it seem like TT and the Packers brass are ready to gather a group of ILB’s together and see if one or two of these guys can become a stud. Continue reading

Is signing Cobb really worth it?

Hlh4q.Em.138Let me start by saying I am like the rest of Packer nation in that I would like to see Randall Cobb get signed to a long term contract.

Now lets be realistic about this. Randall has stated he wants 9 million a year which he is well worth.
His play on the field has been fantastic to say the least, he is a favorite target for Rodgers in clutch situations and more often than not, exceeds expectations after the catch. But if Thompson pays him the 9 million that he wants and also pays Bulaga how much does that leave for other free agents that are key players to the team? Kuhn is a fan favorite and is key in blocking for Lacy and picking up blocks to help Rodgers stay upright in the passing game so who wants to see him leave? Richardson has been a solid player in the secondary so losing him could be a down grade to our defense so do we really want that to happen? Bush and Williams are both getting old so maybe we could move on from them but what about House? He has proved he can cover big receivers like Marshall and Johnson and with more playing time he could be a asset to our defensive backfield! Continue reading

AJ Hawk… A CLASS Act

ajAs many of you know by now…AJ Hawk, 5th pick overall…has been released by the Packers. This moves the Packers from a re-vamping year at inside linebacker to a re-building year. For all of his knocks (mostly due to the fact that he was picked number 5 overall) AJ was a consummate Packer, a phenomenal teammate, and an all around good guy. Just read his statement and you will see that AJ went out with dignity and class: Continue reading

GPN Wants Your Opinion!

Packers 5 on 4Do you love the Packers but sometimes wish you understood the game better? Does your girl/boyfriend get a little short with you when you ask questions during the game? Well GPN wants to change that.

It is always easier to love a sport when you understand it, so greenbaypackernation.com would like to help! We want to do a course on the basics of football, called “Football Fun-01″. This would provide the basics of the game and give anyone who struggles to understand what’s going on a chance to become a football guru! Ha! Well, not really but we want to approach the game with a reasoned, orderly approach that allows our readers/listeners/watchers to have their questions answered without the roar of the crowd and the next play coming and nacho cheese flying through the air. And we want you to be able to learn it, at your own pace, on your own time…anonymously.  Continue reading

Is ILB Really A 1st Round Must?

sam barringtonMost fans are thinking inside linebacker should be the position that is addressed in the first round, Let me explain why I stated in my last post the reason it is not as crucial as most people think.

To start with, let’s take a look at the returning players from last year:

AJ Hawk

Aj Hawk came clean at the end of the season about playing with ankle spurs that required surgery. This would explain his less than par performance last year and if this surgery can give him back the speed he needs then his experience alone is a big factor for the teams success.

Sam Barrington

Sam Barrington has proven he can be the starter this year. Continue reading