Who Will Have a Bigger Impact?

Wow! The season is here and the Packers offense looks to be in prime condition. We have Eddie Julius Peppers PackersLacy and two other running backs who can be difference makers. We have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin and…well…whomever the Packers keep after that.

And…we have Aaron Rodgers. This guy is a favorite for league MVP and one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. How did we get this rich??? Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have kept the right players for the Pack!

But the defense has been criticized…suspect even… Continue reading

It’s Game Week! Three Keys to Victory Against the Former Champs

The Packers v. Seahawks game is a week away! I have to hand it to the NFL for creating a winning 090911_Randall-Cobb_400matchup in week one. The reigning Super Bowl Champions play host to a team that a LOT of people have slated for the Super Bowl this year. This is an important game for Green Bay as a chance to start with a splash and strike fear in the hearts of NFC North teams…all of which the Packers will face within the first five games.

So here’s the straight skinny. For the Packers to win, they must… Continue reading

Ted Thompson Presser

Ted Thompson spoke to the press today in a conference regarding the final preseason game and the ttimpending roster cuts.Thompson expressed a good deal of empathy for guys who “have done a good job but will not make it past this weekend”.

As far as the final cuts go, Thompson made it clear that while the assistant coaches have already made their opinions known, the final conversations will be between Ted and coach McCarthy. Green Bay’s scouts, for their part, are doing their due diligence in follow up with other team’s cuts. Looking for players cut by other teams that could contribute in Green Bay goes back to each players college evaluations as well as their preseason work. “Trying to figure out who the bubble players are…It’s an interesting time to be a scout. A lot of projection.” Continue reading

One Thing the Packers Need to Get Straightened Out…

The Green Bay Packers have done some good things in the preseason. Aaron Rodgers looks fit and sharp Randall Cobb No Huddle Offenseand the no huddle offense looks to be ready to impose itself on defenses from the start of the year. The defensive pass-rush has already shown improvement even though they are playing things close to the vest right now and Julius Peppers looks to be a guy that can help us get to the next level in that regard. The backfield is still suspect and we still show a weakness when ILB’s end up in pass coverage but really…that will always be a problem because that is exactly the kind of mismatch offenses try to create.

But there is one problem that has not gone away and it WILL hurt us against the Seahawks… Continue reading

Next Man Up

The Packers have already been bitten by the injury bug. How telling that player interviews include linemen2014 Packers saying that they are “used to” it…that injured starters are expected on this team. Somethin’s not right Packernation.

Mike McCarthy is as good at player management as any coach in the league and more forward thinking than many but we still seem to start each year hurting and expecting to miss more players than other teams as the season progresses. Continue reading

Packers Added Dimension

Well with the regular season just 11 days away, Packernation is starting to set its sites on the Seattle Packers SafetySeahawks. This week’s preseason game will be one last chance for the young guys to show that they belong on this team but the cuts have already begun. There could be no tougher test for the Green Bay Packers, no better team by which to measure…than the Seahawks. This will be an epic game.

Of all the things that the Packers did NOT show in the preseason, here is one thing that they DID show: Continue reading

Reactions to Preseason Week 3

Packers vs Raiders Preseason 2014In the most important game of the preseason, the scoreboard indicated a job well done by Mike McCarthy’s crew. Despite lining up against one of the league least-talented clubs, the Packers flashed several undeniable positives, including the mere existence of a pass rush. And still, some sloppiness was present in penalties, dropped passes and a muffed punt. The Packers didn’t exactly escape the injury bug, with Brad Jones, B.J. Raji and Jamari Lattimore leaving the game early.

On defense, Davon House continued to show why the coaching staff has been so keen to insert him in a variety of packages. House’s promising play comes at a good time as No.1 cornerback Sam Shields turned in his second puzzling performance of the preseason. While it’s only August and sample size is small, the Packers must have some concern for the $39 million man who has struggled against mediocre receivers and will face both Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall early in the regular season.

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An Embarrassment of Riches…

I’m just gonna lay this out there…Packernation is blessed with a LOT of good things on this year’s Packer Running Backsteam and that’s part of the reason we are all so excited for tonight’s preseason game. One thing that caught my eye last night was the running of DuJuan Harris…this guy is arguably a better change of pace back than James Starks with his shiftiness and ability to hit small holes quickly. But James Starks has not missed a beat from last season and is eating up yards like a madman. Oh…and by the way…those two are working their butts off for the SECOND string running back job behind Eddie Lacy. Continue reading