It Starts from the Top

The Green Bay Packers have been blessed with some of the best head coaches in the NFL and this year wemike conference are looking at the possibility of another Packers coach proving that the Packers can be champions with or without the payroll of larger cities.

Mike McCarthy has taken the Packers to one Super Bowl championship and this year…may have the most stacked team of his coaching career. He won the last championship with a 10-6 record, if he wins more than that…has home-field advantage… and has a healthy team…who will deny him? Continue reading

Losing Streak on Defensive Draft Selections Sends Mixed Messages

untitledThe trade of Jerel Worthy to the Patriots last week triggered widespread realization amongst fans that the Packers 2012 draft class hasn’t amounted to much. Outside of proven contributors Casey Hayward and Mike Daniels, the only remaining draft pick of the eight original selections is injury-plagued Nick Perry, who now faces split playing time with pro bowl pass rusher, Julius Peppers. Not such a good sign for one of the NFL’s most draft-dependent clubs.

No, the 2012 draft won’t go down as one of GM Ted Thompson’s best – and this may have something to do with the seeming abandonment of his Best Player Available draft strategy that year. Just months after the Packers finished last in the league in defense, Thompson ‘coincidently’ selected six straight defensive players. Whether the Packers’ GM reached for talent in these selections or not, the defense can’t afford too many more misses.

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Quickslant: Poll Results and Thankfulness for a Known Starting Quarterback

After watching the Browns v. Redskins game last night, I found myself reflecting on our quarterback Aaron Rodgers Training Camp 2014situation as Packers fans. The Browns fielded two quarterbacks, none of which were…well…good. Brian Hoyer went 2-6 for 16 yards and Johnny “football” was 7-16 for 65 yards, one touchdown and one middle finger to the Redskins fans caught on video. Classy…very classy.

I’m SO thankful to be a Packers fan right now, and here’s why: Continue reading

Quickslant: Yes, I’m gonna Rant

It so peaceful this Sunday morning. After a great night’s sleep following a Packers win, I awoke to thevote birds singing and early morning cool streaked with sunshine. All is right with the world…

So why would I choose right now to go on a tirade? Well, in this peaceful setting, I feel like I can get this rant out of the way and do it with as much grace and understanding as possible. So with that said, here goes… Continue reading

Packers Rams Review/

Well the Packers hit the halfway point in the preseason with a 21-7 win over the Rams. The big highRams Helmet-point of this game was the two pitch-perfect series that Aaron Rodgers executed. Admittedly, the second drive ended in a field goal after a Jordy Nelson touchdown was nullified by penalty. But Aaron’s passer rating was 133+ which is outstanding even against the vanilla defenses that the Rams put out on the field.

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Reactions to Preseason Week 2

Packers vs Rams 2014The biggest win for the Packers during Week 2 of the preseason may not have been their 21-7 victory over the Rams but rather the ability to come away from the game without a single serious injury. Though one could argue that the pass defense allowed too much productivity from a pedestrian St. Louis offense, the Packers looked sharp in most other aspects of the game.

Mike McCarthy played the starters for two series and then allocated the remainder of the game to players fighting for roster spots. Green Bay’s third preseason game scheduled for next Friday should feature at least a full half of playing time for starters. One must consider whether the extra playing time for Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy warrants the additional injury risk. Furthermore, every series played by Rodgers takes time away from Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn, who are battling for the No.2 quarterback spot.

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Quickslant: I am LOVING the tempo

We have talked about how the Packers would have to shorten their routes and use Eddie Lacy out of 2014 Packersthe backfield to reach play count goal that McCarthy has for this team. Well, we are seeing it. I am LOVING the tempo of this Packers team.

It’s not just going “no huddle”, there’s more to it than that. The Packers put the Rams against the ropes…and then pushed. I see three things that I like about the Packers no huddle offense in this game. Continue reading

AM Quickslant: Trading Places

Well, apart from the obvious desire to see Aaron Rodgers in action again (though hopefully notrodgers mc MUCH action…let’s keep the guys safe and healthy), There are several positional battles I am interested in…this list could go on forever but I’m gonna choose three.

  1. The backup quarterback position
  2. The starting tight end
  3. Inside linebacker

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