Don’t Make us Wait: It’s Time to Retire Brett Favre’s Jersey!

Well Packernation, it appears that our hopes of a Fan/Favre reunion have once again been dashed. Word brettjerseymemecame out today from the NFL Network that the Packers are NOT planning to retire Brett Favre’s jersey this coming season…and the reason…the reason…is that it is feared he will be boo’ed. That’s right, basically the blame is going to land on the fans…they don’t believe we can forgive and forget. Even Aaron Rodgers wants Brett back and yet there are still enough unforgiving fans to make the organization nervous. Well GPN is NOT gonna take this sitting down so we have put together a petition to prove to the Packers organization that we are ready  to cheer the stars out of the sky above Lambeau Field if they will retire Brett’s jersey THIS SEASON!

So click on the link and let us know you’re ready to CHEER!

Scroll down for the submit button:

We want to hear from those members of Packernation who want Brett’s number retired. We don’t know what the response will be but if it is convincing, we plan to send the results to the Packers organization so DON’T wait…sign now! Mark Murphy said that the reaction of the crowd could be an issue and he was worried because “You can’t control 80,750 people.” So let’s get 80,000 plus e-signatures and try to get that jersey retired!

Click to Get Pumped: Two Receivers to Watch

With each passing day, Packers football gets closer and Packernation gets more and more excited about imgresanother chance to see the best team on the planet give the enemy Hell. We at GPN have been highlighting players that we think will be exciting this upcoming season by putting up some highlights for you to watch and get pumped. Continue reading

Change on Offense Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Jermichael-FInley-200x300Packer fans surely remember the days of highly-mediocre offensive skill personnel from the early 2000s. While GM Ron Wolf did supply Brett Favre with Pro Bowlers like Ahman Green and Donald Driver, the gunslinger’s next best options were often Bubba Franks and Robert Ferguson. Compare these supporting casts to those of the Ted Thompson era, which have been loaded with talent and versatility. The offensive skill personnel of 2014 will likely be no exception but may look noticeably different from recent years.

Just weeks ago the Packers organization was informed that second-year running back Johnathan Franklin’s neck injury would force an abrupt end to his career. A similar (yet not quite as severe) scenario could play out with tight end Jermichael Finley, who also suffered a neck injury last season and appears far from football condition. Finally, the Packers lost long-time No.3 wide out James Jones to free agency in the offseason, initially leaving the offense thin at receiver.

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Independence Day Thanks

Thank you for your sacrifice:images

The freedom we take for granted was bought for a price. Maintaining that freedom today costs lives as well. We can’t thank you enough…and we don’t thank you enough. May the daily grind never diminish our thankfulness for a country in which we can work hard, speak our mind, and still prosper.

Thank you for freedom:

To speak our minds, to agree or disagree. To go from place to place freely and to be represented in government. We may not always agree…our party may not always win…but we speak in freedom and we vote our conscience as free Americans. The price was paid by those mentioned above but the privilege is carried out by all of us.

Thank you that the battles we most often watch are on a football field and not a battle field:

downloadSports began as training for battle. Now we watch sports instead of fighting each other. That doesn’t mean there are not still battles fought. We have thanked those who have gone before to bring us freedom and those who put themselves in harms way in real battles to preserve and protect that freedom. Thus we remember that when we watch our beloved Green Bay Packers battle against the foe on the field it is a dim-viewed mirror of the real battles fought by real men and women past and present. What a blessing that we can have such a benign and therapeutic replacement for the scourge of war. This is not true for everyone. So again, thanks to all who made peace and keep America at peace.

So to all Packers fans who enjoy the freedom of living in America: Never take it for granted, and may we never forget:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Ronald Reagan

Click Here to get Pumped: Aaron Rodgers

Well last night Aaron Rodgers was named number 11 of the top 100 players in the league by the players Packers vs Giants Offensive Linethemselves. Out…of the…top ten??? Suffice it to say that the ONLY reason Aaron wasn’t in the top five was because of the collarbone injury that sidelined him for half the season.

The Green Bay Packers are perennial contenders largely due to the play of the quarterback and Aaron Rodgers, while being a very different quarterback from Brett Favre, is yet another Packer with HOF potential. Just remember the difference between the games we knew we should win (when Aaron was under center) and the games we hoped we would win (while Aaron was sidelined). Continue reading

Click Here to Get Pumped: The 2013 Packers

sbWell Family Night is sold out and Training Camp is right around the corner. Everybody ready for the Independance Day Holiday? There is a short run from there until football time and all of Packernation is like a coiled spring…just building tension and ready to go CRAZY when Packer football returns to bless the earth once more! In the meantime, it’s speculation and prediction time from now until August. Continue reading

Packers Offense: No Love?…No Problem – 3 Reasons Why

The next time you’re sitting down to dunk that Bavarian creme filled long-john into your morning cuppa while you watch ESPN or NFL Network, take note of how often you hear any Packers news. If you hear any at all, it will probably be about Aaron Rodgers and hey, that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how little we hear about the Packers wide receiver corps or our Rookie of the Year winning running back who is just now seeing the game “slow down” for him…pretty exciting. Now, I know that the National coverage is going to have less focused Packers news but here’s the part that bothers me a little bit. There has been a LOT of talk this offseason about the great wide receiver corps in the NFL and it seems that everybody is talking about how great the wide receiver corps of the Bears and Lions are and ignoring the perennial NFC North champs on a regular basis. I bet the last time you heard a story about a Packers receiver…it was about James Jones becoming a “former” Packers receiver. Unless you’re watching statewide coverage, you probably won’t see the Packers offense getting the kind of love that Denver or Seattle get and it even seems that the Bears and Lions are getting more pub. But the Packers offense is primed for it’s best year in awhile (and that’s sayin’ something, folks!) and here are three reasons why: Continue reading

A Little Off Season Flashback

Flynn vs Cowboys 2013This week there was an interview with Matt Flynn on NFL Network. In the interview, Flynn recapped the win against the Cowboys last season. The interview was kind of a yawner, but the game was outstanding, so I pulled up the highlights from the game to get a little bit of an off season fix for my football withdrawals.

Enjoy. Go Pack!

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