Free Agents Aren’t Free…

090911_Randall-Cobb_400The time is getting closer for the Packers to make crucial decisions on their free agents this year, I know most people are saying Cobb is a must sign and I would agree with that for the most part, BUT, lets say his price tag is so high that they have to let Bulaga,Barclay,Bush,Williams,and House walk?

Does it make sense to keep one great player to lose 5 key players? Continue reading

Packer Receivers of History: Don Hutson

Don Hutson - Packer Receivers of HistoryDon Hutson entered the league under a great deal of skepticism. The NFL of the time was “in the trenches” warfare and most thought the league was no place for Don Hutson and his slight build. The NFL was a dig your cleats in, bust someone’s nose kind of environment in which Hutson’s fast-paced elegance had no place.

Still, the visionary Curly Lambeau saw how Hutson would fit nicely into his plans for maintaining Packer dominance and ushering in a new era to the NFL. Continue reading

CLICK to Wish Happy 100th Birthday to Helen Wilke!

military 2cropHelen Wilke is basically the kindest woman you’ll ever know and she is turning 100 today!  As you can imagine, in 100 years she’s experienced many things – she is a WWII veteran, an independent woman, married another WWII veteran who received a purple heart, she lost a daughter due to cancer, she’s seen 4 great-grandchildren enter the world…and she has handled everything with grace and great faith.  You may think what does this have to do with me…? Well, what you and my dear Mimi have in common is a LOVE for the PACKERS!!  She is a DIE HARD Packers fan Continue reading