Come on Packers…Re-sign John Kuhn!

downloadPackers fans are all about gritty, no-nonsense football players and no one embodies that essence like John Kuhn. He’s not flashy, he’s not pretty but he is also NOT someone you want to have to deal with when it’s 3rd or even 4th down and there’s only a yard to go. John Kuhn doesn’t run the ball often, but when he is needed, he delivers. And the Packers did need him last season, especially during a playoff run in which Aaron Rodgers was bothered by a tweaked calf. All of Packernation wants this guy signed, and not just because it sounds oh, so good to shout “KUUUUUUHHHNN!” when he makes a play. The two-time Pro-Bowler and last year’s first team All-Pro is more than just a chantable personality. Continue reading

2015 has officially kicked off

As of March 10th the 2015 football season officially kicked off. The media calls it the free agent kuhnfrenzy and this year lived up to the name. I, for one, am glad that Ted Thompson only works on signing his own players and stays away from paying big money for other teams projects.


Cobb and Bulaga were the focus players and Thompson was able to work out deals with both to assure the offense will be intact for at least two more years (with the exception of Kuhn and I believe he comes back on a veteran friendly contract for at least one more year and maybe two). Continue reading

Bulaga Signed! CLICK for Details

olineBryan Bulaga will be staying with the Pack. Initial reports yesterday indicated that he and the Packers had reached a deal and no one in Packernation is happier than Aaron Rodgers. Bulaga has been a stalwart right tackle for the Packers (drafted 23rd overall in 2010) and during the times he has been injured, he has been sorely missed.  Continue reading

Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 5

Brett FavreHere’s another in our series remembering Brett Favre who will be returning to Lambeau to have his jersey retired and be entered into the Packer Hall of Fame this very year. At the end is a statement by the creator (not necessarily endorsed by this website) that you can comment on at will. I, for one, am just glad that Brett Favre is going down in history as none other than a Green Bay Packer! Here’s the cut-up: Continue reading

Packer Receivers of History: James Lofton

James LoftonA continuation of the Packer Receivers of History series. To read the articles you missed, go to the Packer Receivers of History category page.

Overshadowed by the dark ages of Packer history. James Lofton’s Herculean effort as a receiver was not enough to keep the team winning much less earn it a championship bid. Still, he was one of the most amazing Packers to play the game and a awe-inspiring deep threat. Continue reading