BTN: Top 3 Stats the Packers Will Improve in 2014

Packer Defensive Backs Training camp hasn’t even begun yet, so we’re basing all our projections on what shows on paper. Still, the 2014 Packers should be a much improved team. That’s exciting to me because they were a pretty good team in 2013 despite some serious injuries.

There are three key stats that I think the Packers will improve on that I think will make a world of difference in 2014.

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AM Quickslant: And the National News….Totally Redeems Itself!

When I last mentioned the national news I was critical of their lack of depth in understanding our Packers team. Ok…Ok…today they got it right and it is important to give credit where credit is due. aordGoing into training camp is one of the last chances we will have to revel in the victories of LAST season. But this one is SO worth it! Continue reading

Ha Ha Clinton Dix: Madden Number 8 Rookie

TrainingcamplogoWell…well…well…Madden has chosen Ha Ha Clinton Dix as its number 8 rookie this year. And Curtis Conway on NFL Network has named him the best player on the Packers team besides Aaron Rodgers…Ed Lacy…get it…Ed Lacy…WOW!!! Continue reading

Packers’ Solution at Safety

Packers SafetyIn 2013 the safety position was, without a doubt, the weakest position on the Packer defense. The whole lot of them didn’t muster a single interception. The Packers solution to the dilemna, in part, was drafting Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, but Clinton-Dix hasn’t been thrown in with the starters on defense like Morgan Burnett was his rookie season. Plus, Micah Hyde has been coming along and the coaches are speaking very positively about him.

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Here’s What You Do on the Tuesday Before Training Camp

TrainingcamplogoWith every passing day, Packers training camp gets closer. With every passing day, the thrill begins to get stronger. Early in the morning when there is a slight chill in the air, Packers fans begin to think of their team once again taking the field to strive for greatness. Throughout the day, when moments of quiet (all too rare at times) come our way, our thoughts turn to “I wonder if Clay Matthews will be held out for camp?” or “Wow, that safety battle is gonna be special this training camp – can’t wait to see Ha Ha in action!” There is so much to look forward to, so much to think about, so much to see… Continue reading

AM Quickslant: The Missing Piece to the Packers Defense

“The day this Packers defense finds a vocal leader who can walk the talk is the day the Packers go from perennial playoff team to dynasty.”

Well Mike Daniels has been in the news this off-season. This guy obviously has what it takes to be a mikedanielsdifference maker on the Packers D-line. And this D-line has every indication of improvement with BJ Raji back at nose tackle, getting healthy, Datone Jones expected to make a big step forward, and the addition of Julius Peppers (D-line…OLB…doesn’t matter!) But there is one thing that Mike Daniels brings to the Packers defense that it has been missing for too long… Continue reading

Quickslant: The Highest Priority

Well the Packers report to training camp next Saturday, July 25 and begin practice the next day. Trainingcamplogo Packernation is absolutely sizzling with anticipation at the thought that our beloved Green Bay Packers will once again take the field. There will be training camp battles, story-lines and most of all…football! Green Bay Wisconsin is about to become the center of the universe for Packers fans. 

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3 Reasons the Packers Will Make the Playoffs in 2014

From Outside Packernation:

draft picNFL AM had a piece this morning outlining three reasons the Packers will/won’t make the playoffs. The piece, to me was a little wanting. Now, it is to be expected that a show that covers the entire NFL would not know the Packers like the fans so I am not here to gripe. In fact, I had the same number one reason as they did…and furthermore, their piece got me thinking about this post so, “Hey guys…thanks!”

So here was the view from outside Packernation:

Three Reasons the Packers WILL go to the Playoffs:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Eddie Lacy
  3. They’re healthy

Three reasons the Packers WON’T go to the Playoffs:

  1. Their defense
  2. Specifically their pass defense (in the NFC North)
  3. They won’t go if the Lions win at Lambeau

From inside Packernation:

Well I feel a little presumptuous speaking for Packernation…this is just MY view from inside Packernation but there are a couple things I think we should all agree on.

First, the Packers ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS. It’s gonna happen, this team is too talented and hungry to be denied…PERIOD. So we can take the whole second half of NFL AM’s list away from the start.

Second, we can all agree on the number 1 reason the Packers are going to the playoffs. Take a second, think about it, now say it with me: Continue reading