Everyone in Packernation Should Be Aware Of This…

A long time ago…I had to tell three children that their Father was not coming home from the hospital. He had not died in service…but he had died because of it, I posted in his memory here. This story touched me, and I hope it will touch you. The source is ItsAaron.com and you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel of the same name. Here is the story…it reminds us of the great things that charity organizations in Wisconsin (and all over the world) are doing: Continue reading

Eddie Lacy Highlights Vid

Eddie Lacy is BackEddie Lacy has been a big part of the Packers offense for two years now. He shows no signs of slowing down…and with James Starks to keep him fresh…the sky’s the limit for Eddie! The Green Bay Packers are gonna be back better than ever and Eddie is gonna be running angry after the way the 2014 season ended. HULK SMASH! The following video is a preview of what’s to come…

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Free Agency Part I: Which FA’s Should the Packers PURSUE

Justin HoustonAs always, free agency is a big part of constructing next year’s team. Who to sign, who to let walk, how to balance cap space against team needs and who can we replace in the draft. Ted Thompson is not a big mover in free agency and looks to sign his players first. The reasoning behind this is that you know your players much better than you know players from another team, which makes you more likely to be able to predict their work ethic and how they will perform under a big new contract.  Continue reading

Who Will Be The Packers Toughest Opponent In 2015?

Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

The Packers opponents…recently set by the league constitute the Packers next shot at going the distance, righting wrongs…and beating the Seahawks. But the Pack also has to play the Niners, Cardinals and Cowboys again next year. Will the Bears be re-tooled into a contender and will the Lions be the same kind of force they were this year? Who do you think will be the toughest challenge for the Packers next season?  Continue reading