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Pre-Combine Draft Review: Marlon Humphrey

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The Packers have had good luck drafting Alabama players of late, and with the obvious need at cornerback, Marlon Humphrey will be on many a Packers fan's radar as the Combine approaches. Going into the 2016 season, there was a lot of optimism about 2nd year players Randall, Rollins, and UFA Ladarious Gunter. While many hope that the 2016 season was (not unlike Davante Adams' 2nd year) injury riddled and that their third year will be a turnaround, Packers fans know that the cornerback position must be addressed if the defense is going to be able to hold its own…

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PackerNation Poll: The Defensive Woes

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It is widely noted that the Packers' defense was their Achilles heel this season. Pressure was good early on in the season, but then the injury bug bit and the Packers were doing all they could to put together a backfield while teams were throwing over pressure four quarters at a time. The flip-side of that coin, however, is the coverage sack. Teams that cover well assist their pass-rushers to get to the quarterback by forcing opposing quarterbacks to their second and third reads. The Packers haven't seen a coverage sack since Charles Woodson was a Packer. But pinpointing the…

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Big Players Make Big Plays In Big Games

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The Packers have their share of big players, first and foremost is Aaron Rodgers, the team's leader and MVP candidate for the 2016 season. But some lesser known players have grown up in the Packers' recent past, and as last nights game proved, we are going to need these players to play big if the Packers hope to keep their win streak alive.  (more…)

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Divisional Round Day 1: Packers Should Take a Lesson

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The first day of divisional round match-ups is over and the Falcons await the winner of the Packers versus the Cowboys while the Patriots are once again at Foxboro to take on the winner of the Steelers versus the Chiefs. There was one offensive approach that was a big difference in the success of both the Falcons' and the Patriots' offenses yesterday. The Packers should take a lesson, it could be the difference between winning and losing. First, what did both offenses do effectively that led to their overall success, why the Packers should factor in the same philosophy, and what…

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Vote! Which Packer RB Will Have the Most Yards?

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For a team like the Dallas Cowboys, this is an easy question to answer. But, for a team like the Green Bay Packers... not so much. There's a lot to consider here. Who will McCarthy give the most reps to? What kind of run plays does Mike think will be successful against the Cowboys? So, what do you think? Which Packer running back will have the most yards against the Cowboys in the coming divisional round matchup?

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