Packers Offense: No Love?…No Problem – 3 Reasons Why

The next time you’re sitting down to dunk that Bavarian creme filled long-john into your morning cuppa while you watch ESPN or NFL Network, take note of how often you hear any Packers news. If you hear any at all, it will probably be about Aaron Rodgers and hey, that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how little we hear about the Packers wide receiver corps or our Rookie of the Year winning running back who is just now seeing the game “slow down” for him…pretty exciting. Now, I know that the National coverage is going to have less focused Packers news but here’s the part that bothers me a little bit. There has been a LOT of talk this offseason about the great wide receiver corps in the NFL and it seems that everybody is talking about how great the wide receiver corps of the Bears and Lions are and ignoring the perennial NFC North champs on a regular basis. I bet the last time you heard a story about a Packers receiver…it was about James Jones becoming a “former” Packers receiver. Unless you’re watching statewide coverage, you probably won’t see the Packers offense getting the kind of love that Denver or Seattle get and it even seems that the Bears and Lions are getting more pub. But the Packers offense is primed for it’s best year in awhile (and that’s sayin’ something, folks!) and here are three reasons why: Continue reading

A Little Off Season Flashback

Flynn vs Cowboys 2013This week there was an interview with Matt Flynn on NFL Network. In the interview, Flynn recapped the win against the Cowboys last season. The interview was kind of a yawner, but the game was outstanding, so I pulled up the highlights from the game to get a little bit of an off season fix for my football withdrawals.

Enjoy. Go Pack!

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What Do You Think? Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn Public Date

It’s official, Olivia Munn took Aaron Rodgers with her to the screening of her new movie Deliver Us From oliviaaaronEvil. This event pretty much removed any doubt that the two were a couple and also removed any chance of them getting any privacy. TMZ was there to film (see below) and they ran the clip under “TMZ Sports”. Wait a minute…TMZ Sports? You’ve gotta be kidding me, right? The only sport TMZ is involved with is digging up dirt on pretty much any and every notable human being on the planet. And even The Cheese couldn’t resist poking a little fun when the “kiss pic” came out. But I digress…

Just as I was about to blow the story off (as if we didn’t know the two were together…duh!) I was reminded of Tony Romo and the “Jessica Jinx”. Remember, all that hype around Tony when he was dating Jessica Simpson and didn’t play well…it all got blamed on his relationship with Jessica. Well, I’m probably like you in that I think these are two different guys (and, I think, two different girls) but the question does arise, “Will Aaron Rodgers’ relationship with Olivia Munn affect his performance on the field?” Continue reading

Follow The Trend: Running Back Corps Short But Still Deep

With news that Johnathan Franklin has been released, the Packers find themselves once again bitten by the edinjury bug before the season even begins. This is probably the last hesitation for fans who for the most part have truly begun to believe that this coming season could be special. But this running back corps is deep even though it will be short one rising fan favorite before training camp. Hang in there Packers fans, there’s hope:

This is a Packers running back group that is deeper than it was in the past. Franklin will be missed but James Starks and DuJuan Harris are ready to step in for their lost team-mate. Of course, both of these guys have had injury problems of their own but their role now will be to spell Lacy, not carry the load so it should be a symbiotic relationship: Starks and Harris spell Lacy to keep him fresh down the stretch, and with Lacy carrying the bulk of the load, the injury prone can watch the Hammer take away some of their risk.  Continue reading

Rodgers Says “Goodbye” to JV

According to Kevin Patra of Around the League, Aaron Rodgers is happy with the improved size of his aordteam this year. A bigger, faster, and stronger Packers team bodes well for the Packers chances of success outside of the NFC North where they have been posted up as the team to beat for what seems like forever. But the playoffs have been less than satisfactory to the Packers team (and fans) of late. An increase in size and speed and an intimidating attitude on the field could be just the ticket. Continue reading

The Verdicts in: And Video Proof at the End

Some Clarifications

Well yesterday we polled Packernation as to whether we should ban people who dropped “Packers suck” smallforwebcomments onto the Facebook fanpage, and then smugly disappeared into the ether of the web. The response was OFF THE HOOK!

However, in reading some of the comments, I wanted to make a couple disclaimers and clarifications:

  1. We had a lot of people say that we should only ban people who curse, and we TOTALLY AGREE with that. We think even Packers fans should show class when talking about other teams and their fans and omit the crude language. This post was about whether we should ban people who just drop in “Packers suck” and disappear. Such comments add nothing to the conversation and tend to lead threads in a negative direction. It’s kinda like the neighbor who has his dog crap on your lawn…but without the dog. Ha!
  2. Packernation is ALL ABOUT free speech. We love the guys who paid the price to give us our freedom in America (some of whom are related to us, and one of whom…my good friend John, paid the ultimate price) and we protect it as well. The question “Should haters be banned” could easily be misinterpreted so let me clarify:

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Should Haters Be Banned?

Wow! I just posted about some folks on the Facebook fanpage that were droppin’ insults. I didn’t know largeforwebhow big of a response it would get! Since this issue seems to be important to Packernation, we are going to do it up right.

The Question

The question arose after a post about Jared Allen and how his coming to the Bears may or may not make the Bears somehow able to contend with the Packers…something they have not been able to do basically since the 80’s…ha! I don’t think Jared Allen is a be-all, end-all solution to the Bears defensive problems (which are many) and I posted about it because I think the news media is giving too much credit to a guy who is a good player coming to a team that needs a LOT of work.

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