The Little Things…

When the Packers take the field against the 49’ers on Sunday, they are going to be in for a battle. These two

2013 Playoffs

The NFC North Champion Packers take on the wildcard 9’ers on Sunday

teams have history but the most recent history has heavily favored the Niners. We pretty much know what to expect from each of these teams…ground and pound, good quarterback play with great wide receiver corps. When we look back on this game the Monday after, I think we are gonna see that it was the little things that made the difference one way or the other. The little things…stuff the oddsmakers ignore or fantasy owners may overlook. Football is a game of inches and here are a few things few will talk about before the game but we all may be talking about after it.

1. Mason Crosby – Named a postseason captain, Mason Crosby is having a great year. I was predicting a walk off game winner during the Rodgers-less stretch but it didn’t happen. Crosby has been money and this could turn out to be his finest hour. Keep an eye on him.

2. Field position – Lately the Packers have been giving up too much ground on kicks…even saw a punt or two that were less than adequate (a rarity since Masthay has been with Green Bay). The Masthay/Bush combination on punts has been incredible to watch and we will need to force the Niners to earn every INCH of turf on Sunday. Continue reading

A Quick Look Back…

Well it’s the last day of 2013 and a time to reflect back on the things we’re grateful for…so today I’m gonna

Johnny Jolly is one of the players who will have to watch from the sidelines

Johnny Jolly is one of the players who will have to watch from the sidelines

reflect back on some of the things that have happened this season that I am grateful for:

1. I’ll start with the less noted but noteworthy: First, John Kuhn. Forth and one…mis-communication but he still gets the first down. And a cut block on Julius Peppers to spring Aaron Rodgers free to throw the winning touchdown to Randall Cobb. There are a certain group of guys that you just know will NEVER get the credit they deserve. Kuhn…you are the MAN! Continue reading

Week 17 Takeaways

untitledSince Mike McCarthy took over as head coach in Green Bay, the games between the Packers and Bears have exhibited an element of weirdness; Sunday’s win-and-in game at Soldier Field was no different. Aaron Rodgers was less-than-spectacular in his first game back since early November but a late touchdown throw to Randall Cobb sealed the deal for Green Bay and stamped their ticket to the playoffs. The Packers have looked far from a playoff team of late but could ride momentum into their playoff game versus the Forty-Niners, who have beaten Green Bay in their last three meetings.


Jordy Nelson

With the exception of a tipped pass that was intercepted early in the game, Nelson was the definition of reliable in Rodgers’s return. Nelson hauled in a number of crucial third-down conversions as well as a season-saving fourth-down pass on the Packers’ final drive. The chemistry between Rodgers and Nelson is clear and, with the return of Randall Cobb, defenses will not be able to double-team Nelson as often.

Continue reading

3 Things You Won’t See with Aaron Rodgers at QB

Aaron RodgersBefore I get too far into this post, I have to give credit where credit is due. Matt Flynn stepped into a very difficult situation and has performed well enough to have the Packers in position where they can make the playoffs with a final win against their arch rivals.

That said, here are three things Matt did wrong that we probably won’t see with Aaron at the helm. Continue reading

Week 16 Takeaways

untitledOne must credit the Matt Flynn-led Packers for the fight they put forth in snowy conditions against a desperate Steelers team in Week 16. Mike McCarthy’s play calling and game plan in general set the team up for victory; but an injury to Clay Matthews and miscue-turned-pick-six left the Packers with a seventh loss on the season. Nonetheless, Green Bay will travel to Chicago next week with a shot at the NFC North title and home playoff game.


Micah Hyde

Just as fans had begun to write off Hyde as a kick returner, the rookie defensive back turned his best game on the special teams unit, nearly tying the game up on a kickoff late in the fourth quarter. Hyde was also solid in coverage, which could cause the coaching staff to pump the brakes on his move to safety. Hyde will become especially valuable to a Packers secondary that could undergo some major transformation over the next couple of seasons.

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Q5 Podcast: Packers vs Steelers

Q5 GreenBay Packer Nation PodcastSo close, and yet so far. However, the Packers are not out of the playoff race.

Quickslant: Dec. 20, 2013 – The “Balanced Attack” Pack is Back

Well packernation, Sunday will be here way too soon and we can of course expect to see a heavy dose

Aaron Rodgers Contract Talks

Aaron Rodgers will again watch from the sidelines as his team battles the Steelers with the season at stake.

Eddie Lacy (and Starks as Lacy will need some rest) in this game. The bad news that we all we kind of expecting…no Aaron Rodgers for this game. The good news…the game is at Lambeau and Matt Flynn has had another week taking starter snaps to prepare.

This one should be a doozy! Not nearly the team we met last week…we won’t be able to hope for a second comeback like last Sunday. Here is what I expect to see: Continue reading

Quickslant: Dec. 18, 2013 – Can we really do this?

So there is no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers will be available for the game vs. the Steelers…til Friday Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packersanyway. Can the Pack win with Flynn???

Well, after the great comeback against the Dallas Cowboys, one would want to say “Yes.” and the Steelers are a team in decline…waiting for next year right now. But if Matt Flynn starts…it won’t be easy. But the Pack can beat the Steelers with Flynn if: Continue reading

Quickslant: Dec. 16, 2013 – A Rant

Okay…I know that the news media has to sell air time and make money and all but…really??? The day aftermediumforweb the Packers mount a comeback after being down 26-3 at the half…the greatest comeback in team history:

1. Without Aaron Rodgers

2. Without Randall Cobb

3. Without Jermichael Finley

4. With their playoff hopes on the line

What does the news media focus on for the entire day? The Dallas Cowboys! Continue reading


Q5 Podcast: Packers vs Cowboys

Q5 GreenBay Packer Nation PodcastAn amazing comeback and the Packers are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Who gets the Ring in this game and who gets the Finger? Which stats were key to the Packers comeback victory? Find out in this episode of Q5.