If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Join ‘Em

I cannot say enough for the extra dimension that Julius Peppers is going to add to the Packers’ defense. Peppers is a “specimen” according to AJ Hawk and the players are saying he moves like a young player. With a healthy Clay Matthews and Peppers on the field, offensive coaches are coordinators will be hard pressed to find a solution to the quarterback pressure we will bring.

But some may still wonder if the years Peppers has on his body won’t catch up with him. I think Peppers is in the right place and am convinced that this season we will see Peppers redeviva. Here’s why:

  1. The Packers have more pieces in place around Peppers on defense.
  2. The Packers are going to let Peppers do what he wanted to do from the start…move around and play multiple positions.
  3. The Packers have structured Peppers’ contract as a “pay for play” in that he was paid almost entirely in signing bonus this season and only counted 3.5 M against the cap. Next season, however, he will count 12 M against the cap if Green Bay decides to keep him. He must play to that value.
  4. I think we will see the young Peppers because his age says that this is his shot at making his mark on the league. How ’bout back-to-back Super Bowl victories…

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Jermichael Back in the Mix?

Well, Jermichael Finley will undergo testing on his neck today, according to Tyler Dunne and I get the feeling jermichaelthat most Packers fans are not really holding their breath.

The results of the test will be crucial in Finley’s plan to return to football after his neck injury last season. But even if he passes the tests, another team may be more willing to risk money on Finley once (and if) contract negotiations begin. We would be mistaken to think that other teams are not watching Finley’s progress closely and the Packers do not have a track record of paying for players with medical risks. This off-season and draft Continue reading

Our Sincere Thoughts for You on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Packernation celebrates tDSC_1061he greater Nation that makes the National Football League possible. To all the men and women who have gone before us, stood between the cause of Freedom and those who would threaten it, we honor you today:

As Long as Freedom reigns, you live on in the hearts of those who cherish the inalienable rights that your blood, sweat, and tears provided. Those who remember the cost of freedom…and keep the receipt.

DSC_1051Courage is NOT a gift given, it is NOT found in size, speed, strength or superiority of armament. COURAGE comes when men and women stand against the very thing they are afraid of. It is at the moment we face what we fear, that courage comes. Those who do so are truly courageous, truly brave…true heroes. And no bolt of terror, no slug of slavery, no crooked blade of religious intolerance can EVER stand against freedom as long as we remember the heroes who came before.

And so we remember you, we salute you, and we pledge to carry on your spirit as one NATION. For we are truly blessed to live in the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.DSC_1055

In memoriam:

John Cross: March 2, 1966

April 4, 2002 NEVER FORGOTTEN.

We can’t win ‘em all my friend




The Back-story Resonates…

I don’t know about you but seeing repeated clips of Brandon Marshall on The View signing his new contract for $40 million and then making a big dealbrandon about giving $1 million to his charity really got under my craw this week. It bothered me I think because I was a bit conflicted about it. I saw Marshall when his emotional outbursts cost him his job with the Broncos. I saw when he came to the Bears and because he was a good receiver, he made plays FOR a team that I hate AGAINST the team that I love…the Packers. So I admit, I was jaded against this contract signing on national television thing from the start. But also I applauded his work to raise awareness of mental health issues. I just wondered why, when Charles Woodson could give millions to a hospital, he didn’t have to toot his own horn in this way. We all know that Aaron Rodgers gives but he never announces it himself. Something about it just didn’t feel right.

Well, as always when forming an opinion, it is important to get the whole story. Today I found a clip of the full segment, not just the piece that NFL Network has been replaying ad nauseum. And I must say, it changed my mind quite a bit. Now, I think when Green Bay is picking off Jay Cutler passes to Brandon Marshall…I will at least have a little more respect for the guy than I did before. Continue reading

Can’t Get Enough of this Guy

I can’t help it…I love watching Eddie Lacy film. This kid pretty much single-handedly became the answer for lacya running game that had been absent in Green Bay for far too long. While today’s NFL allows for teams with a great quarterback and wide receivers (Green Bay) to not just survive but thrive, keep in mind in 2010 how important it was that James Starks came on strong when he did. Yes Packernation, the pieces are coming together.

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Happy Armed Forces Day Packernation!

Armed-Forces-DayToday is a special day. We are constantly amazed at how AWESOME Packernation is…but today we should all stop to realize that Packernation could not exist without another nation…America. And today, Americans celebrate all those who put their lives on the line in the armed forces keeping our freedom and our families safe. How many Packers fans out there who love to watch the world’s best sports team do battle on the field of play, turn off the tv and go to train…or get deployed out to the real battle…the battle for freedom. So from all of Packernation to our troops abroad and ALL those serving in the Armed Forces we say, “THANK YOU!”

Mike McCarthy Press Conference: Rookie Orientation Day 1

Mike McCarthy spoke to the media today briefly after rookie orientation, fielding questions about the new draftmike conference choices and undrafted free agents that Green Bay has brought on board. Here’s the straight skinny from my point of view.

In his usual no-nonsense demeanor, McCarthy answered questions as well as can be expected this early on in the process, saying that the goal of this orientation is to evaluate body movement, communication and the ability to process Continue reading

Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

I made the comment before this year’s draft that this may be the year that Green Bay gets another late round imgressteal. And while I am with everyone who is excited about the Adams and Abbrederis picks (very excited), I am keeping my eye on Jeff Janis as a possible seventh rounder who could become Donald Driver-like in production. While Driver came out of Alcorn State but had freakish athleticism, Janis has a big body but with 4.4 speed, he can develop into a very good player on a team that already has the pieces in place but has shown the ability to use weapons in mass when they were available.

Notice, however, that I said he could develop into a great player. I don’t expect Janis to flash greatness immediately. He needs to nuance his route running and learn Packer toughness catching in the face of hard hitting safeties. There is a transition coming from a Division II school to the pros and whether my prediction comes true will depend a lot on Janis’ ability to learn and transition. But this is part of what I like about the guy, he’s an underdog. I think the setup is right for Janis to become a force in the NFL: Continue reading