What 2 Watch 4: Packers V Lions

Well it is almost here. The Packers versus Lions game that will determine the NFC North champion Lions helmetis set for the late time slot tomorrow. The NFL flexing this game to 3:25 is like Mom and Dad telling lil’ Jimmy he can’t open his Christmas presents until after Mom gets done watching her daytime soap operas…sure, Jimmy will make it but there will be considerable hand-wringing and multiple attempts to find something to to occupy his mind. So what are you gonna do while you wait Packernation?

The playoff picture is just about set with only one NFC team still to be decided…the NFC South where either Carolina or Atlanta play to become the Pariah of the Playoffs this year. But all eyes in Packernation will be on yet another NFC North-deciding game at Lambeau. This one could be epic! The Packers dropped one to the Lions early in the season on a LOT of offensive mistakes while the defense played well enough to win. This has become a pattern in some respects for the Packers when they play away games. At Lambeau, however, they are money! The Pack hasn’t lost at Lambeau this year and Aaron has not thrown an interception. The temp at Lambeau is supposed to be in the twenties and Aaron Rodgers wins 3 out of four when the temperature is below 40 degrees so the Packers have every reason to get this one done.  Continue reading

I stand corrected

I apologize for saying in my prediction post that the experts are picking the Lions to win, That was not what I meant to say, I should have said the experts are saying it will be hard for the Packers to beat the Lions defense, Most of the writers and Vegas odds have the Lions at 7.5 underdogs which is where I disagree! As I stated in my prediction post I believe the Packers dominate this game on offense and defense! And it will be a win by a landslide.

I was being kind to Detroit by giving them 17 points when really I think the defense could pitch a shutout this game! The Lions have been getting lucky with teams like the Bears/Tampa and the Vikings who almost beat them by the way, But my point being is their offense could barely score on them so the Packers defense will not only dominate them they will make them look silly!

As for the Lions defense I will give them credit that is their strenth but when the Pack played them the first game Bulaga was playing in his first game coming off injury and Linsley was playing in his 3rd pro game, Now this O line has 13 games under their belts and have gelled a lot since that first meeting, So I believe they will pass block better this game giving Rodgers time to pick the secondary apart unlike the first game! Also they are run blocking better to open lanes for Lacy, Speaking of, He is running north/south now hitting his holes with power so this game will be like night and day compared to the first meeting!

Again I apologize for misleading the readers by saying the experts picked the Lions to win.



Jeff pre-game prediction

Most of the so called experts are picking the Lions to win at Lambeau this weekend saying the Lions helmetPackers can’t beat their defense!

The Packers have had troubles with tough defenses throughout the season when they are on the road, but at home they seem to play a lot better for whatever reason. With this game being at Lambeau, I believe the Packers once again make a statement with a decisive win over Detroit to win their 4th NFC North title in as many years. Continue reading

Breaking Down Week 17 vs. the Lions

Lions helmetOn Sunday, the Packers will play in yet another significant Week 17 game with playoff implications – this year versus the Detroit Lions. Both teams own a respectable 11-4 record and figure to be playing with at least some level of vengeance. The Packers were embarrassed offensively in September when Detroit ran away with a 19-7 victory at Ford Field. Meanwhile, the Lions have not won in Green Bay since 1991 – a streak that could be ended if Detroit continues to play at a Super Bowl level on defense.

On paper, Detroit’s defense poses the toughest challenge of any team that the Packers have faced during the regular season. The Lion defense ranks first versus the run and second overall, thanks to one of the league’s top defensive lines. Though the Lions’ D-line has historically created havoc for the Packer offense, it was their secondary that shut down Aaron Rodgers and the passing game in September.

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