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3 Reasons the Packers Will Beat the Seahawks

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The Packers have won back to back games now each one increasingly getting more and more challenging. The Eagles in Philly was followed by the Texans at Lambeau, and the next game will continue that trend.  The Seahawks have eight wins under their belts and have played some really good ball...better than either the Eagles or the Texans. Still, they showed some serious chinks in their armor when they took on the up and coming Buccaneers, and the Packers are in a great position to penetrate those chinks with some deadly blows.  (more…)

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Facing the Realities of the Stretch: The Game That Will Define the Packers

  11 months ago     1716 Views     2 Comments  

The Packers, even after a seemingly endless November skid, still find themselves in the playoff hunt. Largely by virtue of the weakness of the NFC North, a win against the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night gives PackerNation hope that all is not lost. With Aaron Rodgers at the top of his game (hamstring issue not withstanding) and a defense that, though ugly at times, held the Eagles to just 13 points, people must be positive about the chance to get back to Lambeau and hopefully put together a string of wins. The Texans stand in the way in the short run…

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Adams Rises to the Top

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When I saw Davante Adams playing his first season his rookie year, I was extremely excited. The guy had all the measurables you look for in a wide receiver and he made some outstanding plays. Then he hit a slump. Suddenly, Adams was dropping just about everything that was thrown his way. Worse than that, he just looked like he had lost all confidence in himself. We kept waiting for him to get out of his slump, but he never seem to get there. Until now. (more…)

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It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

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The year was 2003. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for the Packers and the Packers were on the fast track to packing their cleats up for another season. Then... The first of two plays that will always rank among the most exciting in my history with the Packers happened. I was sitting alone in my living room, slumped into my chair and watching the game (as usual). The Packers defense was dominating the Denver Broncos and Brett was slinging the rock as well as ever. But, it didn't matter. The Packers needed a win but they also needed the…

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OBASPM: Walkin’…Talkin’ About the Michael Signing

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Everybody had been asking me if the Packers should sign Christine Michael after the Seahawks no longer wanted him. My response was always "Do you really think TT will sign him?" So to me it was kind of a non-starter. Then, lo and behold...Thompson does sign Michael (and the Vikings wanted him too) so now we have another option at running back that might develop into an important piece down the stretch. I'm not saying that Michael is going to be the be-all, end-all of the Packers' offense. But December at Lambeau requires that the team can run the ball…

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