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Over Under: Packers INT’s

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We all know the Packers' defensive backfield is decimated with injuries. Once the epitome of depth, the Packers now find the position group relying on that previous depth and hoping for some players back over the long haul. In the meantime, the DB situation is stretched thin. But this week's game against the Colts presents an opportunity off one of the stats that has been most often quoted about Andrew Luck and the Colts' offensive line.  (more…)

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PackerNation Head-to-Head POLL: Who Will Have More Yards?

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One of the surprises of the Packers' 2016 season so far is the revolving door at the running back position. The concurrent injuries of Eddie Lacy and James Starks threw the Packers' offensive backfield into a tizzy. Then, Lacy had to be put on I.R. and Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy avoided the question as to whether the Packers were going to try to draw Lacy off the list once he is healed. Starks practiced this week, but coming off knee surgery in a season where he wasn't playing well anyway is cold comfort for a team that now has…

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My Player to Watch

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One of the most exciting propositions about this year's Packers team is that as the offense hits its stride, the entire team should start to see some players return. Mike McCarthy did not directly answer the question about whether the team was planning to get Eddie Lacy back off the I.R. list, but presumably they would have to strongly consider adding back a fresh Lacy if his recovery is complete. The defense expects to return several starters eventually, though we don't know when, but the offense has actually begun to flourish as the running back situation became more dire. Aaron…

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Circle the Stat: Bonus Edition

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Mike McCarthy says stats are for losers...yet he uses them every day. In reality, I agree with McCarthy wholeheartedly...I constantly see stats quoted as if they are predictive...especially in fantasy football. But McCarthy uses the statistical data to get a clearer picture of tendencies and understand where the focus needs to be, and that is valuable. So from time to time, I do "Circle the Stat" and pull out a stat or two that I think matter and talk about why it matters. Usually, I do it on the live show "Good PackerNation Morning" but I thought I would throw in…

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Vikings Woes Continue: Norv Turner Unexpectedly Resigns

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The loss of Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, and starting tackles Matt Kalil and Andre Smith were tough. The loss to the Bears was tough...but today, it only got tougher for the Minnesota Vikings. In a shocking announcement, the Vikings' offensive coordinator Norv Turner is resigning.  (more…)

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