What 2 Watch 4: 3 Things the Pack Need to Solidify

GreengangThere are so many story-lines with this game. But one of them is that the Packers needs to continue its dominance at Lambeau. Looking back at the Lions game, a few things popped up that the Packers need to shore up. The first is obvious, the rest, maybe not so much. Continue reading

A.M. Quickslant: Five Days from a Reckoning

divisionalroundbannerWhen Sunday rolls around, the energy at Lambeau Field alone will be enough to power the smallest, most Title-endowed city in the NFL for a month. The Cowboys return to Lambeau for the first time since the Ice Bowl in 1967. It’s the playoffs, win or go home and Packers fans have believed since before the season began that “one-and-done” would be no way to end the 2014 season. With that said, “Git ‘er done” is the mantra as the Packers must take down the Cowboys Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

“Ice Bowl” 2

bartBart Starr has had a rough year. Two strokes and a heart attack have made recovery slow. Not much has been said recently but the nearing of his 81st birthday in three days (Jan. 9th) inspired this post. First of all, “Get well soon!” from everybody here at GPN and all of Packernation! And secondly, “Happy birthday!” we hope your road to recovery, however long it may take, will end in complete recovery.

Packers fans last week saw Aaron Rodgers go down against the Lions with a calf injury and then fight back to win a critical game for this great team. During that game, Rodgers called his own number in a quarterback sneak on the one yardline and found the endzone for a score. Who does not recall Bart Starr in the Ice Bowl, sneaking into the endzone for the game-sealing score. Bart, your toughness carries on through the generations of Packers…what a great moment.

Sunday, the Packers play the Cowboys in the first post-season meeting at Lambeau since the famous Ice Bowl. How great would it be for the Packers to get this win just a few days after Bart’s birthday. And maybe next season, Packers fans will be treated to that spectacle of legends…Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers…all on the same field!

To Bart Starr, a true legend and a true gentleman!

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Happy Birthday Bart!

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What 2 Watch 4: Packers Versus Cowboys

lacyThe Cowboys have the unenviable task of travelling to Lambeau Field to take on a fresh and potent Green Bay Team. The Dallas Cowboys bring as good an offense as one could hope for to Lambeau Field for what might end up being “Ice Bowl 2″, with a great offensive line and stellar running game. Here are three things of interest to Packers fans as we look for a chance to get another shot at Seattle (or Carolina at home). Continue reading

Breaking Down Divisional Round Playoffs vs. the Cowboys

divisionalroundbannerIn the wildcard round of the playoffs, Tony Romo and Cowboys were able to squeak by Detroit at home, stamping their ticket to Green Bay next Sunday. Meanwhile, the Panthers secured a victory over Arizona and travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. With the three-seed Cowboys coming to town, the Packers get the toughest test of the four playoff teams with first-round byes.

Even with temperatures in the teens, the Dallas offense will still present one of the greatest challenges that Dom Capers’ defense has faced this season. While the Packer defense has prevailed against pass-first offenses like those of New England and Detroit, they have struggled against elite backfields. Expect Dallas to feed running backs Demarco Murray and Joseph Randle regularly in an effort to wear down the Green Bay front seven.

Continue reading