Julius Peppers and the Reggie White Effect

Reggie White EffectBy now you’ve heard the big news in the NFL that Ted Thompson has made the decision to sign Julius Peppers as the newest Green Bay Packers free-agent. We always wonder if free-agent moves will impact our team for the good in the coming season, but this particular move reminded me of Ron Wolfe’s courting of Reggie White.

Back in 1993, when the Packers brought on Reggie White, their defense had been struggling. Ranked 23rd in the league, the Packer defense was the Achilles’ heel that always seem to have the Packers falling short in the playoffs. The signing of white changed all that. Continue reading

Nix Gambit: Will the Packers Re-sign Raji?

Well there has been a lot of talk about BJ Raji and whether the Packers will re-sign him this offseason. Let BJ Rajime put them all to rest…Raji gets a deal.

I will say that with Louis Nix and Ra’Shede Hageman in the mix the Packers might be tempted to Gamble that Nix might drop knowing that Hageman would still be available if he did not. Here’s the breakdown as I see it:

  1. Thompson has invested too much in BJ and BJ, though it was not his best year, is still a better choice. BJ did not have his best season as a Packer this year but he is extraordinarily athletic for a Nose Tackle of his size. It seems a lot of Packers fans have forgotten how big BJ was in our Super Bowl run a few years back and with Johnny Jolly back healthy (hopefully) we can expect some of that fire to return. How many nose tackles do you see dropping back in coverage and making interceptions and then having the athleticism to run them in for touchdowns? Continue reading

Legacy of Champions: 1944 the Overlooked Championship

1944 Packer NFL ChampionsA continuation of the Legacy of Champions series. Articles that chronicle the 13 Packer championships. If you’re just joining us, read about all the great Packer championships by clicking here.

In the wake of D Day, and as allied troops valiantly marched across Europe freeing it from a tyrant, the Packers quietly earned their sixth league championship.

The Packers started out the 1944 season on a six game tear and ended the season with an eight and two record. That was good enough to get them first place in the Western division. They’re only losses came to the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.

Continue reading

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Extra Point

It has been widely reported that the NFL competition committee is entertaining the possibility of moving theimgres extra point from the 2 yard line to the 25 yard line. This compromise from earlier reports that Roger Goodell wanted to eliminate the extra point is getting SERIOUS consideration folks. If this goes through (admittedly, still a big IF):

1. Imagine the strategic difference between consideration of a two point conversion against a 42-43 yard extra point (the distance if the extra point were placed at the 20) especially in stadiums like Lambeau, where the weather is a factor.

2. Imagine, sitting on the edge of your seat in a Wildcard game against the 49′ers and they have come to within one point with a touchdown but have to kick a 43 yard extra point to tie it and it’s minus 20 degrees with 10+ mile an hour winds in the face of the kicker. If the Niners try a two point conversion and fail, they lose. If they try an extra point and make it, it is only a tie and Green Bay still has a chance. But it could be a miss… Continue reading

Interpreting the “Writing on the Wall”: Sam Shields

Well today is the deadline for NFL teams to lock up players with the franchise tag and the Packers have not Sam Shieldsas yet used the tag. Ted Thompson has said that he wants to sign our players as a priority, so with that said there may be some in Packernation who are wondering why Green Bay does not tag cornerback Sam Shields. In fact, we here at GPN do NOT expect an 11th hour contract signing either which means that Sam Shields will hit the free agent market. On the face of it, this course of action seems to say that the Packers do not want Shields back, but let’s break it down:

1. The franchise tag requires a team to pay a player an average of the top five salaries at the position. So if the Packers were to franchise Sam Shields, they would basically be saying, “Sam, we think you are one of a handful of the BEST players at your position in the league.” Now, while I am willing to admit that Sam Shields is one of the bright spots in Green Bay’s backfield, I do not agree that he is one of the five best cornerbacks in the league. In this sense, I agree with the Packers brass in NOT tagging Shields.The current cost to tag a cornerback is $10,854,000 (I have also seen this number reported as 11.8 M). If the Packers are around $30 M under the cap, that means that tagging Sam Shields would eat up more than a third of that barring other free agents that exit this off-season (James Jones, for example). While I would love to see Sam Shields back with Green Bay next season, he is not good enough to warrant that kind of affect on the team’s overall situation. Continue reading

Legacy of Champions: Packers 1939 Drubbing of the Giants

Packers 1939 ChampionsA continuation of the Legacy of Champions series. Articles that chronicle the 13 Packer championships. If you’re just joining us, read about all the great Packer championships by clicking here.

On February 5, 2014 the Denver Broncos walked off the field, heads hung low after an embarrassing loss in the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks. But, this was far from the only championship embarrassment. Today we flashback to 1939 and an electrifying win over the New York Giants that brought championship number five home to Green Bay, WI.

The late 30′s were an era when the Giants and the Packers annually gave the rest of the teams in their division a good thrashing.

And, 1939 was no different… Continue reading

D-Backs: Plug and Play for Green Bay?

Well, a lot of the off-season talk and certainly much of the draft talk for the coming months centers around imgresone of the Packers’ most glaring needs – that of a cornerback or safety. While draft speculation is fun (and to some extent…irresistable even when the draft is FOREVER away) much can change before the Packers pick at number 21 in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Scenarios will change and though we know that Ted Thompson doesn’t draft by need, getting a solid defensive back in this year’s draft, somebody who can be “plug and play” so to speak, would be a real boon for a defense that has taken it’s knocks both on the field and off.

But are cornerbacks and safeties “plug and play”? Even the best physical specimens have a limited understanding of the pro system. During the Scouting Combine, Deion Sanders (who I appreciate a bit now that he is NOT playing) had something interesting to say about the way defensive backs are being coached nowadays. His basic point was that coaches now are teaching defensive backs concepts rather than technique and that actual technique sound corners are a rare breed in the NFL. Continue reading

The Straight Skinny from Coach McCarthy

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media today at the imgresNFL Combine and made it clear that next season’s Packers defense will change.

“We’re gonna be a little different on defense”, McCarthy said and further elaborated that the change will involve using a more broad range of weapons and packages. The statement came in response to a question about reports that the Packers were planning to get smaller on the defensive line and McCarthy made it clear: “We’re definitely not gonna be smaller.”

Of course, as with any press conference and particularly at the Combine, coach McCarthy did not fully elaborate on the nature of the changes but two things were very clear: Continue reading

Legacy of Champions: Packers 1936 Championship

1936 Green Bay PackersA continuation of our series on world championships the Packers have brought home to Green Bay. In case you missed any, read them all right here.

In 1936 the Brooklyn Dodgers played football, the Portsmouth Spartans became the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers secured their fourth NFL title.

In 1933, the NFL divided into eastern and western divisions and the championship was decided by a final head to head matchup of the winner of each division. It was the beginning of the playoff system and in 1936 Green Bay won its first championship under the new structure.

The 1936 season started in shocking fashion as the Bears embarrasses the Packers in week two, winning 30-3. The loss lit a spark in the team and they never lost another game that season including three other matchups against the Bears. Continue reading

Packernation Fan Fotos: January

Well Packer Fan Fotos are finally here at GPN! We loved every pic and actually tried to include anything that we got from November or December as well. If we missed you, please drop us a line and ALWAYS remember to put “Fan Foto” in the subject line. Enjoy!Let’s start with the future of the Pack in the stands and, maybe, on the field: “A” ta tha DORABLE!

kidsIf this is the future…the future looks very bright indeed! But there are more kiddos also.




We also had a bunch of other Packer People…guys and gals:packerdudes





Nothin’ says “ahmma real woman!” like wearin’ the green and gold!

But there was more…fun and funny and cute:



morepackerpicsSo there you have it…Packernation Fan Foto for January of 2014 (and earlier). If you have a pic you want to submit to Fan Foto, just go to our Facebook webpage facebook.com/greenbaypackernation or email us at gbpnation@gmail.com and be sure to put “Fan Foto” in the subject line.

So until next month, thanks everyone! Y’all are great and so is OUR TEAM. Go Pack!