What We Learned Against the Falcons

The big-time win over New England was not followed up with perfection in Week 14. Though theimagesCAS0KA36


Packers walked away with a win, Mike McCarthy cannot be happy about his team’s blown 24-point halftime lead, which hinges primarily on the defense. The pass rush was largely ineffective versus a poor Atlanta offensive line – not the type of performance that any head coach wants to see at home during a playoff push.

The Packers did put on some Super Bowl-caliber display versus Atlanta – at least on the offensive side of the ball. Eddie Lacy was provided with excellent blocking by his O-line and made the most of the opportunities with improved vision inside the tackles. Going up against one of the league’s worst pass rushes, it’s no surprise that the O-line continued to give Rodgers all day in the pocket. When the Falcons D-line did get penetration, Rodgers’ athleticism bought him additional time, helping keep drives alive.

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Records and Recap: Pack V Falcons

Mike McCarthy Contract ExtensionIn a game that left many Packers fans a little skittish, the mild-mannered leadership of Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers have become the Chinese Triad of the NFL. They lead the team that most other teams just lower their eyes and walk past on the other side of the street, hoping not to meet. Those that do come face to face may leave with their honor intact, but they leave losers nonetheless especially if the conflict takes place on Packers turf.

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Time to Predict

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One Thing Aaron Rodgers Can NOT Do

real12thmanWhen we think of Aaron Rodgers, we think about all the things he can do. He can climb the pocket to find and open receiver, he can scramble and throw accurately on the run, and, if need be, he can gain the extra yardage himself with his legs. Aaron Rodgers can do it all. But I think the thing that most impresses me about Aaron is not what he can do, but what he can not do.

If Brett Favre was a gunslinger…Aaron Rodgers is a surgeon. What I loved about Brett was that every play was exciting and gave us a chance to break one. What I love about Aaron is the same…with one exception. That exception is the one thing that, as far as I am concerned, Aaron can go ahead and NOT do. That one thing that Aaron can continue to NOT do…is throw interceptions.

What Aaron does do is evident in his passer rating and completion percentage, but what he does not do is throw more than eight interceptions a season in recent memory…like the last four years. And he has not thrown an interception at Lambeau for over two years. The Packers have largely had top tier turnover ratio and keep in mind the amount of turnovers given away is just as important as the amount of takeaways in that ratio. Costly turnovers negate takeaways and give valuable possessions to the opponent. Aaron Rodgers is not arguably the best in this regard…he is the best hands down.

aordSo here’s to Aaron Rodgers and what he can NOT do, keep it up man! We are counting on you for another surgical performance tonight, and another big Packers win.


Breaking Down Week 14 vs. the Falcons

imagesAfter taking down the Pats, Mike McCarthy’s Packers are flying high and host the Falcons in their first Monday night appearance of the season. Four of Atlanta’s five wins have come against divisional opponents, which are not considered much of a resume builder this season. Tied with the Saints atop of the NFC South, a lot is on the line for the Falcons this week.

The Falcons ranked dead last in the league in both pass defense and total defense, having given up lots of points to a number of modest offenses (Giants, Vikings and Ravens). To no surprise, Atlanta has only forced 14 sacks on opposing quarterbacks, with arguably the lowest profile pass rushing duo in the NFC. Atlanta’s pass rush should be no problem for the Packer offensive line, which has largely kept Rodgers off the ground since the bye week.

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Two Encouraging Differences in Win Versus Patriots

The win against the Patriots was big for many reasons…but there are a couple aspects of that game clay matthewsthat encouraged me. Things I had been waiting to see out of the Packers and had not yet seen. These two elements give me great confidence that this team has an even better shot coming down the stretch in this 2014 season. Continue reading

Jeff’s Early Prediction On The Falcons Game

Don’t let the Falcons 5-7 record fool you, They are a much better team than most would think. They Aaron Rodgersare coming off a win over the #1 seed Arizona Cardinals 29-18. Matt Ryan is a veteran QB that can kill you with his arm or legs, While he is not in the same category as Rodgers he still reminds me of him the way he plays the game, He is the leader of this team and makes good reads at the line of scrimmage. He has some good targets to toss the rock to as well, Julio Jones and Roddy White can make big plays if the Packs secondary are not on their A game Monday night. Steven Jackson is their work horse and can pound the ball averaging 3.8 yards per carry. That may not sound like much but it’s enough to get first downs in 3 carries! Continue reading

What 2 Watch 4: Packers Versus Falcons

With a win over the Patriots, the Packers look to continue their playoff push with another big win Jordy TDagainst the Atlanta Falcons Monday Night. The Falcons, for their part, are riding a wave of confidence after beating the NFC leading Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Here are three things the Packers will need to do to be successful against the Falcons.

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