Pre-season Schedule Announced

jordy nelsonThe NFL announced its 2015 pre-season schedule just moments ago. Games begin on August 9 with the Hall of Fame game featuring the Pittsburg Steelers versus the Minnesota Vikings. And that Packers will face the Patriots and Steelers…here how the weeks lay out… Continue reading

Randy Gregory: Should the Pack Take a Chance?

Randy GregoryRandy Gregory…one of the best pass rushers in this year’s draft, is taking a tumble down draft boards after he revealed that he had failed a drug test at the NFL Combine. If he falls to number 30…should the Packers take him? The risk/reward is enticing here…so what do you think Packernation? Continue reading

Should the Packers Stay With BPA?

ttTed Thompson has always been about picking the best player available in the draft for each round. This year’s draft sees the Packers in need of inside linebacker help with the loss of Brad Jones and AJ Hawk, and cornerback with Tramon Williams and Davon House. This year’s draft is strong in the areas of offensive tackle, cornerback, and wide receiver.  Continue reading

Sarah Thomas Becomes First Full-Time NFL Official

Sarah ThomasConor Orr from Around the NFL is reporting today that Sarah Thomas has been named the League’s first fulltime official. Thomas is a 19 year veteran having refereed in Conference USA. Thomas is one of nine officials to be given employment for NFL games in 2015.  Continue reading

Reaction to Last Nights NCAA Championship

Frank KaminskyAs a Wisconsin boy, last nights NCAA Championship game was hard to take, hard to see the guys work so hard and come so far only to fall a few points short of what any Badgers fan felt like they so deserved…a National Championship. Packernation as a whole knows what it is like to come oh, so…close and have to watch another team celebrate a victory wrested from the grasp of its favorite team. For Badgers fans who are also Packers fans…the thought can be discouraging to say the least. But I have a few things to say on this “morning after” to everybody in Packernation.  Continue reading