If I Told You Lacy Would Average 6.5 A Carry…

If somebody had told me Eddie Lacy would average 6.5 yards a carry and have a touchdown in the aordPackers versus Bills game, I would have guessed it was a win…period. We expected the Packers offense to be slowed by the Bills top five defense, but I don’t think anybody expected the torture of seeing Aaron go 17/42 and throw two interceptions (though one was tipped) and no touchdowns. I don’t think we expected to see Jordy Nelson short-arm an easy completion that would have gone big if not for a tochdown…one that would have allowed the Packers last series to require nothing more than grinding out a first down and running out the clock.  Continue reading

Post-Game R&R by Jeff

RantsEddie Lacy vs Atlanta

Well the Packers lose a tough one to the Bills, Right from the start you could see Rodgers and his receivers were not on the same page this game.

While he did give them a chance to make plays most of his passes were just off the mark. Nelson had one that could have been a TD go right through his hands which is very uncharacteristic of him, But it was just the way this game went for the most part. Continue reading

Rant Here Packernation…

Eddie Lacy vs AtlantaWell I am opening up a “safe” space for Packernation to rant about today’s game. This was a comedy of errors from start to finish…oh, and by the way…the defense did enough to get the job done.

What can you say about the dropped balls…missed opportunities…and failure to cash in on a hurt Eddie Lacy’s exceptional game. Wuh??? Well, you can say a LOT in the comments section below. We want to hear Continue reading

Here’s What I’m Lookin’ For

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers does not play the same way against pressure as he did when the Packers first met the Lions early in the season. Rodgers gets rid of the ball to his checkdown quickly while still extending plays with his feet when necessary. This Green Bay Packers team is outscoring everybody in the first quarter of games and needs to keep this trend up to be successful against the Bills today.

Kickoff is just minutes away. Will the Packers defense step it up today? Will the offense continue to be dominant? I believe they will be. There is still some question as to whether this Packer offense can be successful against top ten defenses and today will be a GREAT day to prove it! Continue reading

Defense Has Something To Prove

If there is one aspect of this year’s Packers team that Packernation is yet to be sold on, it is the Packers vs Read Optiondefense. Through 13 games, we have seen some great plays, and the addition of Julius Peppers has been a plus. The drafting of Ha Ha Clinton Dix has been a great improvement and Morgan Burnett has upped his safety play as well. But the second half of Monday’s game against the Falcons has had Packers fans once again questioning not just the defense, but also the defensive coordinator.

Early in the year, the Packers were weak against the run, but moving Clay Matthews to the inside linebacker position seemed to be, if not a remedy, at least an improvement. But in the Atlanta game, we saw the Packers defense taken apart in the passing game…not by a bevy of receivers but pretty much by Julio Jones alone (to the tune of 250+ yards). The Packers defense is 20th against the pass and 25th against the run and that fact has the Buffalo Bills thinking this defense can be a remedy for their lack of scoringContinue reading