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Vikings Woes Continue: Norv Turner Unexpectedly Resigns

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The loss of Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, and starting tackles Matt Kalil and Andre Smith were tough. The loss to the Bears was tough...but today, it only got tougher for the Minnesota Vikings. In a shocking announcement, the Vikings' offensive coordinator Norv Turner is resigning.  (more…)

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There Are No Moral Victories…However…

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There is a saying in the NFL that there are no moral victories and that is true. A win is a win is a win and a loss the same. The Packers were unable to get a "W" yesterday and that is disappointing, especially as it pertains to the NFC North race. The Packers, with the loss against the Falcons, put themselves behind the 8-ball in the North and Packers fans find themselves hoping for a Jay Cutler (brief) resurgence tonight as the Bears take on the Vikings on MNF. There are no moral victories...however.... (more…)

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Calling All Packers Fans…Wanna Go to the Super Bowl?

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If you think you are the best fan of your team (Packers of course!) then this is for you! You will be competing with every fan from every sport though so the the reward is sweet...a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Not only that, but there are TONS of other prizes to win in this new "Fan on Fire" contest. Just click HERE to get all the information! And if you haven't yet signed up for PackerNation's FireFan League (play with your Packers, play LIVE!) then you can get 12 free tokens by signing up before it even comes out...just…

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3 Keys To Beating Atlanta (…and 1 Honorable Mention)

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This has been a rough Monday for Packer Nation. As one after another player goes down (and or out for the season), Packers fans must be at the point of cringing every time another report comes out. After an improved outing against the Chicago Bears, it looks like the Packers offense is going to have to begin to score more points if the team is going to be successful moving forward. Now, with word that Jared Abbrederis is on the list of IR players, the wide receiver corps, while not the triage unit of the defensive backfield, also takes a…

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R&R Packers/Bears

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Rants It was a win over a 1-5 Bears team, but I still saw the same issues the offense has had for over a year now... separation by receivers and accuracy by Rodgers! Both of Adams TD's were bad passes with good catches. One he was wide open in the end zone and Rodgers' pass was low and behind him but Adams was able to reach back and snag it before it hit the ground, the other was just thrown at the defender's back and Adams reached over him to get it. On both of those passes, if Rodgers was…

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