Week 16 Takeaways

untitledOne must credit the Matt Flynn-led Packers for the fight they put forth in snowy conditions against a desperate Steelers team in Week 16. Mike McCarthy’s play calling and game plan in general set the team up for victory; but an injury to Clay Matthews and miscue-turned-pick-six left the Packers with a seventh loss on the season. Nonetheless, Green Bay will travel to Chicago next week with a shot at the NFC North title and home playoff game.


Micah Hyde

Just as fans had begun to write off Hyde as a kick returner, the rookie defensive back turned his best game on the special teams unit, nearly tying the game up on a kickoff late in the fourth quarter. Hyde was also solid in coverage, which could cause the coaching staff to pump the brakes on his move to safety. Hyde will become especially valuable to a Packers secondary that could undergo some major transformation over the next couple of seasons.

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Quickslant: Dec. 20, 2013 – The “Balanced Attack” Pack is Back

Well packernation, Sunday will be here way too soon and we can of course expect to see a heavy dose

Aaron Rodgers Contract Talks

Aaron Rodgers will again watch from the sidelines as his team battles the Steelers with the season at stake.

Eddie Lacy (and Starks as Lacy will need some rest) in this game. The bad news that we all we kind of expecting…no Aaron Rodgers for this game. The good news…the game is at Lambeau and Matt Flynn has had another week taking starter snaps to prepare.

This one should be a doozy! Not nearly the team we met last week…we won’t be able to hope for a second comeback like last Sunday. Here is what I expect to see: Continue reading

Quickslant: Dec. 18, 2013 – Can we really do this?

So there is no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers will be available for the game vs. the Steelers…til Friday Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packersanyway. Can the Pack win with Flynn???

Well, after the great comeback against the Dallas Cowboys, one would want to say “Yes.” and the Steelers are a team in decline…waiting for next year right now. But if Matt Flynn starts…it won’t be easy. But the Pack can beat the Steelers with Flynn if: Continue reading

Quickslant: Dec. 16, 2013 – A Rant

Okay…I know that the news media has to sell air time and make money and all but…really??? The day aftermediumforweb the Packers mount a comeback after being down 26-3 at the half…the greatest comeback in team history:

1. Without Aaron Rodgers

2. Without Randall Cobb

3. Without Jermichael Finley

4. With their playoff hopes on the line

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Week 15 Takeaways

untitledThe Packers team that trailed the Cowboys by three scores at halftime in Week 15 were not the slightest bit resembling of the 2010 Super Bowl squad that last took the field at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. However, Mike McCarthy’s Packers exhibited the same ‘can-do’ mentally in the second half of the game, leading to a one-point win over Dallas and keeping playoff hopes alive. Next week’s meeting with the Steelers suddenly becomes relevant and could be an early Christmas present to Packers fans if Aaron Rodgers is able to start.


Wide Receivers

The receivers did just about all they could to support a hot-and-cold Matt Flynn in his home state. Jarrett Boykin, in particular, had several impressive catches and is expected to remain a key contributor in the passing game once Rodgers returns to the playing field. It will be interesting to see which direction the front office goes if they are forced to choose between Boykin and James Jones at the No.3 wide receiver spot next season.

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Quickslant: Dec. 13, 2013 – It’s Friday the Thirteenth

So it’s Friday the thirteenth and as you all know…no Rodgers for the game against the Cowboys. The

Green Bay Packers' Matt Flynn

The team needs to rally around Matt Flynn in what could be his last start before Rodgers returns.

gameplan will proceed with Matt Flynn.

1. We have to run the ball. We know defenses are going to dare us to pass and early on, a few slants and short crosses will pay dividends if we can connect. Matt Flynn is capable of making those throws but then we will need to run against a suspect Dallas defense. Expect two touchdowns on the ground.

2. We will win the battle in the trenches. Watch out…the Packers O-line and D-line will play a HUGE part in the outcome of this game. Last week when we talked about this game I said that we couldn’t win it without Rodgers. But I have a feeling the lines are gonna make a statement in this game. If Jolly, BJ, Pickett and co. get their freak on in this game…we could not just win but we could win big. We could find out just how adequate Matt Flynn can be.

3. AJ Hawk has nine tackles. When AJ is on fire, offenses sputter against us. Look for AJ to plug gaps and if he does that means that the Cowboys are not getting the ball downfield.

4. Continued contribution from Quarless. Quarless had a breakout performance agains the Falcons and we are gonna need him going forward or…we are going to go backwards.

So that’s what I expect to see come Sunday. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

Stay Proud!

Quickslant: Dec. 12, 2013 – Who to Watch

Well the Dallas game is getting closer. Here are a few Packer players I

Hopefully Brad Jones can play...as well as last week.

Hopefully Brad Jones can play…as well as last week.

will be paying particular attention to come Sunday:

Eddie Lacy: It looks like Eddie will play as coach McCarthy has said he feels good about where he is at with the ankle injury. I want to see if he has the same burst and can put his foot down and cut. He did it last week going back into the game and I give him tons of credit for that. The Packers are going to need Lacy to approach or break 100 yards to keep the Packers playoff hopes alive with a big win.

Matt Flynn: Matt played better in the Atlanta game but still held on to the ball too long at times. The O-line improved as well against Atlanta so I will be looking for Matt to climb the pocket and deliver the ball. A good showing by Lacy will help keep the Dallas defense guessing too. I think Matt will be OK but I am concerned about a Dallas defense that got humiliated last Monday. We still need a good gameplan executed well…don’t think for a minute that Dallas is gonna roll over for us.

Brad Jones: A limited participant in practice…Jones will presumably play but I will be watching to see if he is as active as he was in the Atlanta game. Jones was around the ball all day in that game and we’re gonna need that kind of performance against the Cowboys.

That’s who I am gonna have my eye on…how about you? Let me know in the comment section below.

Quickslant: Dec. 10, 2013 – No News is No News

As most of you know, Aaron Rodgers was not cleared to play yesterday. Hope he drinks his milk and come

Aaron Rodgers not yet cleared to play.

Aaron Rodgers not yet cleared to play.

Wednesday gets the go-ahead. In the meantime Matt Flynn is once again taking starter reps at the quarterback position.

Aaron not being cleared is significant for a couple reasons:

1. The obvious…it leaves in question whether he will be able to play against the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday. I don’t think I have to explain the difference between an Aaron Rodgers led offense and a Matt  Flynn led offense at this point.

2. But if A-Rod is able to come back, the fact that he wasn’t cleared yesterday means that he will have had limited reps in the event that he does play. This can affect the game as well and while I think in either case we are a better team with Aaron under center (in fact, I don’t expect us to win this game without him – although there is an exception to that I will talk about later in the week), the lack of reps could have some negative effects.

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