R&R by Jeff

Well the Packers move to 10-3 and stay in first place in the NFC North with a win over the Falcons Lacy Touchdownlast night.


The offense was spot on during the first half. They made a statement on the first drive of the game letting the defense know they were going to dominate them, And they did for the better part of the game.

Lacy was a beast his style of running is a pleasure to watch, When he doesn’t dance and hits his marks the defenses secondary has to make those business decisions as he say’s and when they do it will usually mean getting their block knocked off. Starks was a big factor this game as well.
Even Kuuuuhhhnn got a few carries that resulted in first downs to keep drives alive so all the running backs were stellar this game.

It was a WIN that’s all


Where to start, Defense, Defense, Defense, this is a game of 60 minutes not 30 or 45, Capers called a good game the first half, Then came out with the we got a big lead mentality so we can play soft in the second half and that type of thinking will lose against a team like Seattle or Philly in the playoffs. Hell it almost lost to the Falcons.

It was very obvious that Shields was not himself this game, While playing ok and hanging tough on some plays he was beat up bad by Jones most of the second half until being benched. When House came in he fared better against Jones and almost had a INT on a play that could have been a easy TD.

Julius Peppers PackersWhere was the pass rush this game? I for one am still waiting on this Peppers/Matthews domination from the edge that was suppose to happen this year! Daniels was not even a factor this game, Guion and D. Jones played well but not outstanding. I guess as a whole the defense did just enough to squeak out a win. But if they plan on making a run this year they will need to play 60 minutes of GREAT ball instead of 30. With that said I hope Capers can look at this game to realize just how close he came to blowing a 31-7 lead at halftime by his soft coverage and pass rush mentality.

We have a short week and go on the road to Buffalo who are playing very well so we can only hope Capers will get it right by then or the Packers could be in for a long day.

Let us know your thoughts on the game and where you think the team is at going into the last 3 games.

Go Pack Go!


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2011-Buffalo-Bills-Replica-HelmetThere’s a first for everything, as they say. On Sunday, Mike McCarthy and the Packers look to get the franchise’s first ever victory in Buffalo. In what some consider Green Bay’s most difficult challenge left on the schedule, the Packers will square off against a 7-6 Bills team that must win to keep any realistic playoff hopes alive.

Jim Schwartz may not have had much success against the Packers as Lions head coach but is equipped with a talented set of defensive personnel in Buffalo that is capable of slowing down the Packer offense. The Bills defense ranks 5th versus the pass while leading the league in sacks, led by defensive ends Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes.

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The big-time win over New England was not followed up with perfection in Week 14. Though theimagesCAS0KA36


Packers walked away with a win, Mike McCarthy cannot be happy about his team’s blown 24-point halftime lead, which hinges primarily on the defense. The pass rush was largely ineffective versus a poor Atlanta offensive line – not the type of performance that any head coach wants to see at home during a playoff push.

The Packers did put on some Super Bowl-caliber display versus Atlanta – at least on the offensive side of the ball. Eddie Lacy was provided with excellent blocking by his O-line and made the most of the opportunities with improved vision inside the tackles. Going up against one of the league’s worst pass rushes, it’s no surprise that the O-line continued to give Rodgers all day in the pocket. When the Falcons D-line did get penetration, Rodgers’ athleticism bought him additional time, helping keep drives alive.

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