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Roster Volatility a Concern Heading into Week 1

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Week 1 of the 2016 season presents an opportunity for the Packers to reverse the very mediocre image created of themselves during the second half of the 2015 season. Not helping the team achieve full readiness were some rather surprising roster moves made before the 53-man deadline last week by Ted Thompson and the Packers front office. The sudden release of pro bowl guard Josh Sitton topped all headlines during the final roster cuts last weekend, a move that will be sure to affect the chemistry that the veteran Packers offensive line had built over the course of multiple seasons.…

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Here it IS!!! The First Sneak Peak at Just a Bit of What This New Game Will Be Like!

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After a long wait...and after the Preshiss made a trip to Las Vegas and back to check this new game out...all systems are GO! This game will revolutionize the way we enjoy NFL football and Packers football! Check out the vid below! I love it because it is just made by the creator and it is laid back...just tellin' it like it is! Watch the video and GET IN RIGHT NOW BY CLICKING HERE!

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Blake Bortles, the New Jay Cutler

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Remember that year that Jay Cutler kept derailing solid drives with an interception? Oh yeah... That's pretty much every year, and Packer Nation loves it. Jay Cutler is definitely one of the top ten defensive players for the Packers. Well, folks. Meet the new Jay Cutler, Blake Bortles. (more…)

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Unsung Heroes of the Pre-season: Part 1

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Every pre-season has its share of unsung heroes and this preseason is no different. Rookies that perform, returning players that take the next step, and positional players that nobody talks about but that have an influence on the outcome of the game. Today's unsung hero belongs on the unit that I am most excited about of any this off-season. No, it is not the wide receiver corps, no it is not the linebacker group. It is the offensive line. (more…)

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