Q5 Podcast: Packers vs Falcons

Q5 GreenBay Packer Nation PodcastA win is a win and the Rodgers-less Packers have pulled out another one finally. More importantly, the Lions lost this week which keeps our playoff hopes alive. Who gets the Ring and the Finger for this game? What key contributing stats made the difference in putting another “W” on the board? Tune in for this week’s episode of Q5.

Week 14 Takeaways

imagesIt wasn’t pretty but the Packers’ season remains intact for at least one more week. With a win over Atlanta, Detroit’s loss to Philadelphia and a pending return by Aaron Rodgers, there is reason for fans to at least be hopeful. Having Rodgers healthy in next week’s meeting with Dallas seems to be Green Bay’s only shot at victory. Of course, the Packers have a number of loose ends to address if they are to even compete with Rodgers under center.



Andrew Quarless

Quarless turned in a career day versus the Falcons, catching six balls for 66 yards and a touchdown. The front office surely has high hopes for Quarless, who would be the default starter at tight end next season in the likely event that the organization part ways with Jermichael Finley. The knock on Quarless has been his inconsistency in catching well-thrown passes, despite having the talent to reel in off-target balls.

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Quickslant: Dec. 6th, 2013 – “For All The Marbles”

So here it is…every game from here on out is “for all the marbles”.

A little over a month ago I posted a series of articles on the new-found success of the offensive attack of the Green Bay Packers particularly the running game.  In that series of articles I highlighted how important the continuity offensive line has been to the success of Green Bay’s ground game.. Oh how the tide has turned. Ever since the injuries to Don Barclay and Evan Dietrich-Smith, the O-line has failed to protect the passer or Aaron Rodgers Contract Talksmake the same kinds of running lanes we saw earlier in the season. Sometimes the best proof comes from a negative example and that’s exactly what we saw  particularly in the Detroit games.

The Atlanta Falcons are 30th in the league at stopping the run so hopefully in a possibly snow-covered Lambeau Field, we will be able to get back to a little success even though it looks like the line continuity will be questionable at best. And if we give Matt Flynn just a little more time when we have to pass (and we WILL have to pass), he will turn in a performance that more closely matches the Vikings game than the Giants game.

That’s not to say that Green Bay doesn’t have to stop the run too (learn to tackle?) and the special teams won’t factor into it…they will but in my estimation the line play is the critical factor in this game. If the line plays well, it is possible there will be an elite quarterback behind them next week. Here’s hopin’ we get it done…and GO PACK!

Quick Slant: Dec. 5, 2013 – Packer Prescription

OK, I got this post up late so it will be short but here is the prescription for all you Packers fans who are nick perryfeeling down about the way this season has gone. To put it into perspective, first, read this:

A short history of the Packers

Then, take two of these: 1. A history of the Vikings and 2. A history of the Lions and call me in the morning. You can skim, no problem. And I promise…you’ll feel better.


Quick Slant: December 4, 2013 – Packer Purgatory

Well Mike McCarthy has not ruled Aaron Rodgers out for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons but

Green Bay Packers' Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn’s success is largely dependent on the play of the Offensive line.

he hasn’t said he’s going to play either and it looks like Matt Flynn will take the starter reps for the rest of the week Aaron will be a limited participation in practice. So I guess it’s just another day in Packer purgatory.  At least the Packers have had some extra rest this week.

Before this stretch of games without Rogers I thought the most important thing would be the quarterback play being good enough to win a game or two. Now with all those losses behind us and every game being a must win game we have not only the quarterback play to worry about but also the shuffling of the offensive line. It’s Wednesday so as the injury report comes into focus we’ll see what the offensive line is going to look like against the Falcons. I think there are three factors that will make or break the team in this game. I list them in order of importance. Continue reading

Quick Slant: December 3, 2013 – Packer Pride

During last week’s press conference, Mike McCarthy aptly summed up his Green Bay Packer team as a

Mike McCarthy Loses Aaron Rodgers

Mike McCarthy and Co. can sort out who stays and who goes AFTER we see who really has Packer Pride.

“wounded team that got drilled today.” Well, with a little extra rest this week, we’ll see what kind of Packer Pride this team has got and who really “gets” what the Packers organization is really about.

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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

rodgers mcAfter one of the worst Thanksgiving Day showings in recent memory, the Packers and their fans can all feel playoff hopes ebbing. But it is not over yet. With the Vikings overtime defeat of the Bears, the Pack could find themselves a half game back with a chance to get it done the last game of the season. Mostly likely losses for the Bears before final head-to-head would come from the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Detroit (7-5) is the team we have to hope loses. They still have to play the Eagles, Ravens, Giants, and Vikings and while the former three are playoff contenders, the Vikings play detroit at the Metrodome, a game that could potentially be the last NFL game played at the Metrodome. One can imagine the Vikings wanting that one pretty bad and with the win over the Bears and tie with the Pack, a victory could show that they are still respectable in the division.

So with help, the playoff hopes are still alive and as we’ve heard in the past…after that, you never know…especially with a healthy, rested, hungry Aaron Rodgers behind center.

For Packer fans like me, the bigger question is…what is wrong with this team? Ted Thompson’s philosophy has been build through the draft coupled with a pretty solid track record of trading down to stockpile picks. All of this is to train players in our system and to have GOOD DEPTH. We are not seeing the next man up getting the job done right now. Criticism, also is swelling about the coaching staff and Dom Capers in particular.

So what does Packer Nation think?

Week 13 Takeaways

Lions helmetIn prior seasons, Mike McCarthy didn’t want to discuss the playoffs until the team notched its tenth win of the season. With ten wins now unattainable the conversation has been more about what fundamental changes will take place in the offseason. It seems to be a virtual certainty amongst fans that Dom Capers will be out of a job come January and that personnel holes on defense will be addressed in next April’s draft.

A Thanksgiving Day beat-down in Detroit has casted doubt that the Packers would be able to compete at a high level even with Aaron Rodgers under center. Can they run the table in December while getting help from other teams? It’s possible but unlikely. In the season’s final month, it will be interesting to see whether or not players throw in the towel with such a minute chance at the postseason.

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