Cobb For Four and it’s Victory Formation Time!

If the sack by Neal and Daniels was important…this play sealed the deal. From the time Randall Cobb caught the 3rd and 4 pass from Aaron Rodgers, it was victory formation time…time for Packers fans to watch Tom Brady curse on the sideline while Packernation celebrated! Time for the Packers to take their rightful place on top of the NFC…

The Packers accomplished this by spreading the Patriots defense out. Randall Cobb was initially lined up in the backfield but was motioned out to the line like a “scat” back:

Cobb motion

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UnPACK the Play: Mike Neal Lookin’ Like Clay Matthews

The Packers had a dominant outing against the Patriots, no matter what the final score was. If the Patriots can complain about the pass breakup of HHCD to Gronk in the endzone, the Packers can decry many more TD catches that were just not quite meant to be. We broke down the Jordy Nelson TD pass just before the half that gave us six points in a game won by five. Now it is time to unpack the final Patriots offensive play, in which the Packers got their first sack of the night.

What you may not have noticed about this play is that the Pack went with 3 down linemen and Julius Peppers was in the center as an offset nose:Peppers at offset Nose

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Wish Aaron Happy Birthday!

Aaron RodgersIt’s Aaron Rodgers’ birthday today! Aaron has been such a great addition to the Packers and is a great member of our community! Plus, he is playing lights out football!

Aaron, sometimes Packernation forgets just how fortunate we are to be fans of the Green and Gold. We got really lucky when you dropped to number 24 in the 2005 draft. So today we say “Thanks for being a great football player, thanks for being a stand-up member of the community, and thanks for being a Packer!”

All health and happiness to you as you continue with this great season of Packers football. After the win against the Patriots…we are significantly more relaxed! Happy Birthday Aaron!


Packernation, click below to say “Happy Birthday” to our great quarterback.

Rodgers birthdaybanner

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What We Learned Against the Patriots

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers quieted the critics on Sunday, with a 26-21 victory over just about patriotsminihelmet_largeeveryone’s Super Bowl favorites. And, while the game was not over until the final possession, the final score was not truly indicative of how much better the Packers played than the Patriots.

Not enough can be said about the performance of the Packers offensive line on Sunday. Despite having to face mostly three and four-man rushes, the front five still gave Rodgers all day to throw. Rodgers received such great protection from his O-line that he could have easily thrown for over 400 yards. But the New England secondary did an outstanding job taking away the deep ball early in the game, forcing Rodgers to dance in the pocket, with nowhere to throw the ball.

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“D” Up! Let’s Hear It For The Packers Defense

What a game, WOW! it is looking good for this team down the stretch that’s for sure!

We can now add Tom Brady to this list...

We can now add Tom Brady to this list…

Everyone was billing this game as a shootout, I wrote in my pre-game post that it was going to come down to whose defense played better and that’s exactly why the Packers pulled out a hard fought win against a very high powered offense with Tom Brady. The defense put pressure on Brady throughout the whole game but just could not get that sack until it counted most, Mike Neal along with Mike Daniels got to Brady on a 3rd down with the Pats threatening to score a TD, With that sack it pushed them back

This "D" is comin!

This “D” is comin!

to attempt a 47 yard FG which went wide right to keep the score at 26-21 with a little over 3 minutes left in the game. All the Packers needed to do was pound the ball and get a couple first downs to seal the deal and Aaron Rodgers pass to Cobb on a 3rd down into tight coverage did just that.

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