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Unsung Heroes of the Pre-season: Part 1

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Every pre-season has its share of unsung heroes and this preseason is no different. Rookies that perform, returning players that take the next step, and positional players that nobody talks about but that have an influence on the outcome of the game. Today's unsung hero belongs on the unit that I am most excited about of any this off-season. No, it is not the wide receiver corps, no it is not the linebacker group. It is the offensive line. (more…)

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Prediction Wednesday: Packers Versus Raiders

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When the Packers take on the Raiders tomorrow night, there we a different feel to the game. The main thing will likely be that Brett Hundley will finally get a chance to get back on the field. To me, the presence of Hundley makes all the difference in a game where the Raiders are expected to play their starters on the o-line and in the defensive backfield extensively (for a second pre-season game) and the Packers approach has been to risk no unnecessary starter. The match-up between the Packers third/fourth quarterbacks and the Raiders d-line was a recipe (more…)

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