PM Quickslant: More Praise for John Kuhn

John KuhnI’m having a blast re-watching that game against the Bears from last night. It’s like watching the longest highlight reel around. Even though there are tons of great plays to watch, one of the things that, once again, is standing out to me is the many ways John Kuhn makes an impact in the game. Continue reading

Post-Game R&R With Jeff

Tell the truth, How many of you thought this game was going to be a close one?Aaron Rodgers Stats
I, for one, figured the Bears would put up a fight to try and stay in the race for the post season. Before the game started, the Packers sat down Lattimore to activate Brad Jones, I thought “Well, there goes the defense at ILB and Forte is going to have a field day running up the middle.” But low and behold Capers pulled out another mind blowing move by placing Clay Matthews at ILB, It was a look the Bears offense was not prepared for and never did figure out how to attack. While the final score was 55-14, this game was over after Rodgers threw his third TD. He could have sat out the rest of the game and the defense along with special teams would have won with their performance this game!

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A Packer Salute to Veterans

Americas PackWe want to take a moment as we celebrate this big halftime lead to give a great big thank you from all of Packer Nation to the veterans who have put their lives on the line to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we do.

It doesn’t matter which team you cheer for, if you’re a veteran, we tip our hats to you and give you a great big thank you for all you do.

Which Packers Versus Bears Memory Do YOU Think Is Best?

The biggest rivalry in football is rekindled tonight! Packernation waits with bated breath to see if Aaron Rodgers will be 100% and whether or not he will have the benefit of his starting guards during this game. This game is BIG with a capital BIG!

So many great games in this rivalry. So many great finishes. But which do you think was the best? We’ve put a few favorites here in video…are any of these YOUR favorite? Let us know in the poll at the end of the post. If you have another favorite…feel free to put it in a comment!

Here’s one you might remember…

But this was pretty fun too…

But if you remember the days of the “Majik Man”…oh yeah!

But you can’t have a Packers/Bears highlight poll without Favre to Brooks…99 yard touchdown:

Take the poll to let the world know what your favorite is. Or if you have another play that you think is great, feel free to comment below or post it on Facebook!


Which is your favorite in this greatest of all rivalries?

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CLICK to Predict: Packers v. Bears

Tonight’s Packers/Bears game is critical in the Packers’ bid for the playoffs. How do you think the votePackers will do tonight? Here is your chance to click and predict tonight’s game. See how you stack up against everyone else in Packernation.

Bragging rights are on the line, of course, what we all care about most is that the Packers get a win!

How will the Packers do tonight against the Bears?

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Let us know what you think…and GO PACK!!!