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PackerNation POLL: Who Will Have the Breakout Year?

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I LOVE this question and I can't wait to see how PackerNation responds. Packers fans can't help but feel that this year the Packers offense that we had come to expect before 2015 will be back...and possibly back in a big way. A big part of this positive vibe comes from the expected return of Jordy Nelson. Of course, coming off an ACL, it remains to be seen whether Jordy will be the same but all indications to this point are that he will be. But my question revolves around another source of excitement on the Packers' offense, the third…

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Q&A With Chris Jacke: By Mike Jacquart

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Former Packers kicker Chris Jacke didn't stop advocating for the Packer/PackerNation relationship after he stopped playing football. Through Player Alumni Resources, Chris has connected fans to stars and helped maintain the connection that makes PackerNation so great. GPN's own Mike Jacquart caught up with Chris and helped us all understand more about how the former Packers star is still advocating for the PackerNation connection today. Check it out to get a glimpse into what Chris and his wife are doing today, and for a resource to complete your next event! (more…)

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Interactive O/U: Bring Back the Takeaways

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The Packers recorded 24 interceptions in the regular season of 2010. They recorded eight in the post-season, partly because they had so many games to play. We all know how that season ended...that's the one we want to repeat. In 2011, the Packers picked off opposing quarterbacks 31 times and despite the quick and disappointing exit from the playoffs, that is a substantial number. Since 2011, the highest INT total for the Packers in the regular season has been 18 (2012, 2014) with only 11 in 2013. The Packers presumably should have moved on to another Super Bowl in 2014…

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Interactive O/U: How “Back” Will Aaron Rodgers Bounce?

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Last year, Aaron Rodgers recorded his first sub-100 passer rated season since 2008. When the team once again takes the field in 2016, one has to expect that number to go up. First, a note on the passer rating...I think it is convoluted and generally unhelpful. Here, we will simply use the passer rating as a benchmark for comparison purposes. With Jordy Nelson set to stage a comeback and a WR corps with a log-jam at the number three position, Rodgers will be champing at the bit to get on the field and see who takes the next step.  (more…)

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Interactive O/U: Clay Matthews’ Weakness and His Move Back Outside

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Clay Matthews' weakness is stronger than many players strengths, yet he has one nonetheless. Read on to find out what it is and why this move back to the outside is important. At the end of the post is an interactive over/under poll for you to take to tell the world how you think Clay will do this year. There is no question that Clay Matthews is a special player. Not only is he a fantastic OLB in the Packers' 3-4 scheme, but for a couple years now he manned the ILB position and the the Packers improved against the…

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