Legacy of Champions: Packers 1931 Championship

Packers 1931 ChampionshipA continuation of our series on world championships the Packers have brought home to Green Bay. In case you missed any, read them all right here.

Before the term three-peat ever became a part of American vernacular, the Packers had three-peated… twice. The first came in 1931.

In the heart of the Great Depression, families’ life savings disappeared, farms went belly up, and people learned to survive on odd jobs and pop corn. But in the little town of Green Bay, WI, the Packers once again reminded Americans that it doesn’t matter what odds are stacked against you, if you fight hard enough, you can emerge a champion. Continue reading

Legacy of Champions: Packers 1930

Packers 1930 ChampionshipThe second installment in our Legacy of Champions series. If you missed the first one, click here to read it.

Coming off an undefeated season and their first championship. The Packers launched their 1930 campaign with eight straight wins. This brought their win streak to 23 and had them well on their way to another league championship. Continue reading

Callin’ Collins: Will Nick Collins Be A Packer Once Again?

So I posted to Packernation on the facebook page the question “Is Nick Collins another Johnny Jolly or too

It would in fact be FANTASTIC to see this guy on the field.

It would in fact be FANTASTIC to see this guy on the field.

much of a risk?” and the response prompted this post. There were so many great comments that I couldn’t even read them all but a few jumped out at me and it seemed obious to me that:

1. Nick Collins is on the minds of Packers fans everywhere.

2. There are a LOT of different opinions as to whether he should come back or not. Continue reading

Legacy of Champions: Packers 1929

1929 Packers ChampionshipsThe first in a series that chronicles the championships of the mighty team from the tiny town of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In 1919, in the tiny town of Green Bay, Wisconsin, a football team was born. Ten years later this rag-tag group of men from a town of 37,000 would stand toe to toe with the Goliaths of the league from cities like Chicago (population 3.37 million in 1929) and New York (population 6.7 million in 1929) and show them how the game of football is played, as they would win championship after championship. Continue reading

Super Bowl 48 Prediction

Well it’s been awhile since I did a Super Bowl prediction but today I dusted off the ole’ formula that I use to ‘imgresgit er done. Let me first say that I am a Russell Wilson fan…have been since he played for the Badgers and no one wants him to win more than I do. But the Broncos have their own Badger hopeful in Montee Ball. Can’t play favorites in a prediction post y’all!

Shortly after the Championships, all the talk was about how Denver was practically unstoppable on offense and how this year was “the year” for the Broncos. Toward the middle of this week, however, it all started to change. The Broncos are favored by 3 (2.5)  in this game but you wouldn’t know it with all the love the Seahawks are getting. Continue reading

McCarthy Quietly Remains One of the NFC’s Elite Coaches

Another early postseason exit by the Packers in 2013 has left many fans feeling a sense of complacency within the organization, as they watch NFC rivals repeatedly reach the NFC title game and Super Bowl while the green and gold sit at home. It is certainly true that injuries and other bad breaks throughout the season presented hurdles for the 2013 Packers; but the team ultimately had their chance to make a 2010-esque postseason run in January. While the three seasons following Green Bay’s 2010 Super Bowl run can certainly bring about some disappointment, one must appreciate what the franchise has done since Mike McCarthy took over as head coach in 2006.

Continue reading

Wild Card Takeaways

untitledThe Packers ran out of magic in the Niners’ wild card visit to Lambeau Field as Jim Harbaugh’s crew beat Green Bay for the fourth consecutive time. Colin Kaepernick had his way through the air against a Packers pass defense that saw four starters suffer injuries after kickoff. Davon House was a dark horse in the contest, making several big pass break-ups (with the help of some liberal officiating) while also giving up big gains.

Though the playoff loss at home will be a difficult one to swallow, fans must appreciate what the team was able to accomplish during a season that saw a large portion of the roster miss multiple games. There are several holes on the roster that will need to be addressed in free agency and the 2014 draft, starting with the safety position.

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The Little Things…

When the Packers take the field against the 49′ers on Sunday, they are going to be in for a battle. These two

2013 Playoffs

The NFC North Champion Packers take on the wildcard 9′ers on Sunday

teams have history but the most recent history has heavily favored the Niners. We pretty much know what to expect from each of these teams…ground and pound, good quarterback play with great wide receiver corps. When we look back on this game the Monday after, I think we are gonna see that it was the little things that made the difference one way or the other. The little things…stuff the oddsmakers ignore or fantasy owners may overlook. Football is a game of inches and here are a few things few will talk about before the game but we all may be talking about after it.

1. Mason Crosby – Named a postseason captain, Mason Crosby is having a great year. I was predicting a walk off game winner during the Rodgers-less stretch but it didn’t happen. Crosby has been money and this could turn out to be his finest hour. Keep an eye on him.

2. Field position – Lately the Packers have been giving up too much ground on kicks…even saw a punt or two that were less than adequate (a rarity since Masthay has been with Green Bay). The Masthay/Bush combination on punts has been incredible to watch and we will need to force the Niners to earn every INCH of turf on Sunday. Continue reading

A Quick Look Back…

Well it’s the last day of 2013 and a time to reflect back on the things we’re grateful for…so today I’m gonna

Johnny Jolly is one of the players who will have to watch from the sidelines

Johnny Jolly is one of the players who will have to watch from the sidelines

reflect back on some of the things that have happened this season that I am grateful for:

1. I’ll start with the less noted but noteworthy: First, John Kuhn. Forth and one…mis-communication but he still gets the first down. And a cut block on Julius Peppers to spring Aaron Rodgers free to throw the winning touchdown to Randall Cobb. There are a certain group of guys that you just know will NEVER get the credit they deserve. Kuhn…you are the MAN! Continue reading