Anatomy of a Game-changer: Rodgers to Nelson

So many moving parts have to be in sync for a team to win at the highest level in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson just before the half was a true game-changer. The Patriots had just marched down the field and scored a rare touchdown against our defense inside of two minutes before halftime. Then the Packers offense went back out on the field and we all know what happened with just 23 seconds left on the clock. But here is how it all came together, and it started with a…yeah you guessed it…a timeout.
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These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

This afternoon’s game is the kind of game that makes the NFL great. The rising star of Aaron Aaron Rodgers StatsRodgers versus the Setting sun of Tom Brady. Two defenses evenly matched and at the same time we have to assume outmatched against two quarterbacks who have been called “future Hall of Famers”. Running backs that know how to pound the ball and two teams that know how to win championships…it goes down NOW! Continue reading

Packers to “Git Er Done” Against the Patriots

While everyone is billing this game as a Super Bowl preview and a shoot out between the two best Lacy TouchdownQB’s in the NFL and it may very well be, I believe this game will come down to who can stop the run and run the ball. With that said I think Lacy has his best game of the season with 100+ yards on the ground and its very possible he gets 100+ in the air as well. The Packers will need to keep Matthews in the middle for the most part this game to stop Blount or Gray in the run game and cover Gronk on his short crossing routes him and Brady run so well.

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Breaking Down Week 13 vs. the Patriots

patriotsminihelmet_largeWhile Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots may not be a must-win for the Packers, the result will surely provide some insight into the type of play that Mike McCarthy’s team is capable of delivering against quality opponents in the postseason.

Though the Packers and Patriots share a number of similarities, the quality of wins between the two teams varies greatly. New England has beaten each of their last four opponents by 22 points or more, including lopsided wins over the play-bound Broncos, Colts and Lions. Meanwhile, the Packers’ most impressive win of the season came two weeks ago against a Nick Foles-less Eagles team.

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What We Learned Against the Vikings

Many fans shrugged off the notion that last Sunday’s game versus the Vikings would be a trap game – but were unpleasantly surprised in the Packers’ narrow 24-21 win over Minnesota. Perhaps looking ahead to their Week 14 meeting with the Patriots, the Packers were surprised by their min-vikings-revolutiondivision rivals, nearly dropping an important in-division game that could have tie-breaker implications.

If it weren’t for the sporadic play of Teddy Bridgewater, the Packers might still share the NFC North lead with Detroit. Sluggish play from the Green Bay secondary gave Bridgewater a number of opportunities to move the chains and give Minnesota a lead – but the rookie failed to take advantage. With an 11-point lead late in the fourth quarter, the defense failed to shut the door, allowing the Vikings to get within three and forcing the offense to chew up the remaining clock.

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Pack/Pats: Super Bowl Preview?

There has been a lot of talk about this week’s Packers versus Patriots clash as a possible Super BowlJohn Kuhn preview. I think that is putting the cart before the horse. The Super Bowl is a long way off and I fear what might be lost in all such hype is the extreme importance of this game at this point in the season for these two clubs.  Continue reading

Post-Game R&R: Rants and Raves

Let me start with saying, “Hell yeah” With this win and the Lions losing the Packers are now on top Morgan Burnettof the NFC North once again, A spot they have not owned solo since the Bears game of 2013, Now they control their own destiny.
I knew this was going to be a tough game as all division games usually are, It doesn’t matter what their records say, The teams know each other so well from having to play twice a year every year it is always tough to get these wins.

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Packers Get A Win In Minnesota

The Packers had to go to Minnesota and get a win to keep pace with the Detroit Lions. And lo and Eddie Lacy is Backbehold, the Lions lost to the Patriots in big fashion. This sets up a Clash of the Titans so to speak as the Patriots travel to Lambeau next week and the Packers require this game to make not just a statement, but also to put the pressure on the Lions to run the table and give themselves a chance in the last game of the season. Green Bay is now, officially, the NFC North first place team. Continue reading

Guess Who Is In “Pitch Perfect 2″

The official trailer for “Pitch Perfect 2″ came out and of all things…Clay Matthews and the Packers Clay Matthews Training CampO-line are in it! Please be advised…if you watch the trailer to the end, there is some inuendo…viewer discretion and all.

Give it a SHARE if you want and let the world know that our Packers are good at more than football! But wait…maybe they need to focus…Ha!