Reaction to Last Nights NCAA Championship

Frank KaminskyAs a Wisconsin boy, last nights NCAA Championship game was hard to take, hard to see the guys work so hard and come so far only to fall a few points short of what any Badgers fan felt like they so deserved…a National Championship. Packernation as a whole knows what it is like to come oh, so…close and have to watch another team celebrate a victory wrested from the grasp of its favorite team. For Badgers fans who are also Packers fans…the thought can be discouraging to say the least. But I have a few things to say on this “morning after” to everybody in Packernation.  Continue reading

Brett Favre With the “W”

Well, Brett Favre showed who he supported in the Final Four. He didn’t quite get the “W” right but hey, I think it’s the thought that counts. It is good to know that TWO Packers quarterbacks are supporting the college team in their state of play. What do you think Packernation? Is he saying “on Wisconsin” or “Hang Loose two times”? Ha!  Continue reading

Thompsons offseason moves and futures options

draft logoWith the free agent frenzy fading away and the draft right around the corner many are wondering if Thompson made the right choices so far this offseason.

He was able to sign two major players in Bulaga and Cobb, then getting Raji and Guion on a one year prove it contract that didn’t come close to breaking the bank, (basically getting two for the price of one) and both being veteran NT’s he was able to solidify the middle of the defensive line. He was also able to sign Tolzien to a one year deal who in my personal opinion is a better choice than Flynn this year. McCarthy stated Tolzien has come a long way since training under Rodgers much like Rodgers did under Favre, I think Scott will be a very reliable back up to Aaron this year. Its also rumored the brass is bringing in Bryce Petty for a private workout if this is true then they could have a really good 3rd string QB on the roster this year as well, not sure if they would draft a QB in the second round which is where Petty is slated to be picked so not quite sure if this is going to happen. I think they will do like last year and pick up a UDFA for cheap to keep on the practice squad as a camp arm and extreme emergencies in case heaven forbid Aaron and Scott both go down with Continue reading

Packer Receivers of History: Donald Driver

Donald Driver Packer Receivers of HistoryA continuation of the Packer Receivers of History series. To read the articles you missed, go to the Packer Receivers of History category page.

Donald Driver’s story is a heartwarming one for anyone who loves a rags to riches story. Anyone who begins their NFL career as a 7th round draft pick generally hopes to simply make the team. They rarely believe they will become one of the team’s all-time top players in the organization’s history.

This is not what Donald Driver believed. Nor is it what he achieved. Continue reading

Offseason Program Announced by the NFL

imagesOffseason dates have been announced and the Packers will begin their program on April 20. So much goes into an offseason that is generally considered nothing more than a break and a time to visit the beach. Priority one is to heal up, but then it is time to get bigger, faster, and stronger. When April 20th rolls around, that will be the signal for the Packers to begin doing exactly that.  Continue reading