AM Quickslant: Ron Wolf and Kevin Greene Named Finalists for HOF

Lombardi black n whiteWith 21 players in the NFL Hall of Fame, the Packers are second, trailing the Chicago Bears who have 26. The list of finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame was announced on NFL Network last night and a couple of names that are dear to Packers fans were found there. Neither was a Packers player but congratulations are in order nonetheless. Continue reading

Will He Or Won’t He?

Aaron RodgersSo everybody in Packernation has been wondering today…”Will Aaron Rodgers practice.” Well the jury is in and you may be surprised.¬†From the second Aaron pulled up on the touchdown pass to Randall Cobb and the gutsy performance that followed, we’ve wanted to know at what price the Lions win came.

Well today for the first time since that game, Aaron practiced! Not only that, he took 50%-60% of the snaps during this practice. This is great news for Packers fans (such as myself) who thought he might be limited for the Cowboys game. He is still listed as limited, but if evaluation tomorrow goes well that may change to probable. This is great news!

If Aaron Rodgers has all of his mobility and can move without endangering that calf muscle, the timethreat to the Cowboys increases. How many times have we seen Aaron scramble for 8+ yards and a first down when the opposing defense has the receivers locked up. And how accurate is this guy on the run? It is phenomenal to watch him go to work on a rollout.

But what say you Packernation? This good news is…well, GREAT NEWS!

Go Pack!

I Was Just Wondering…

Aaron Rodgers StatsAaron Rodgers does a LOT of great things. This cannot be overstated. He may practice today but in the upcoming game against the Cowboys, he may be limited. This big question mark is one that Packers fans would like to have answered…now! But I don’t think it will entirely be answered until we see how Aaron fares against the Cowboys on Sunday. But that question, the question of mobility, brings up another question. One that I would LOVE to hear Packernation comment on. Continue reading

What 2 Watch 4: 3 Things the Pack Need to Solidify

GreengangThere are so many story-lines with this game. But one of them is that the Packers needs to continue its dominance at Lambeau. Looking back at the Lions game, a few things popped up that the Packers need to shore up. The first is obvious, the rest, maybe not so much. Continue reading

A.M. Quickslant: Five Days from a Reckoning

divisionalroundbannerWhen Sunday rolls around, the energy at Lambeau Field alone will be enough to power the smallest, most Title-endowed city in the NFL for a month. The Cowboys return to Lambeau for the first time since the Ice Bowl in 1967. It’s the playoffs, win or go home and Packers fans have believed since before the season began that “one-and-done” would be no way to end the 2014 season. With that said, “Git ‘er done” is the mantra as the Packers must take down the Cowboys Sunday afternoon. Continue reading