Play-calling: Which Is It?

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imagesCAS0KA36Playcalling, whether it be for offense or defense, is both a science and an art. On the one hand, coordinators have scads of film study and  various tendencies on which to base their calls, along with a solid knowledge of the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand…the other team knows that they have scads of film and that, too, is something to be exploited. Today I was thinking about how much of play calling on offense or defense was science and how much was art and I thought I would poll Packernation to see what you think.

When Mike McCarthy or Dom Capers put a set in or a play on…they are matching wits. Matching wits with the coordinator or play-caller on the opposite sideline or booth. There is a lot of study that goes in these days in the NFL, a lot of data analyzed. But one can never count out the “bravado” factor. That human instinct to give it to your guy and let him prove that you are the better team. There is nothing to stop teams from drawing up plays that have never seen the field and therefore the film…before. The quarterback who fakes a ball “clock” and then throws to a receiver thinks it is the right time…but does he know?

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So what do you think, which element factors into play calling more…the science, or the art? It makes a difference, and I know that both are involved but the question is “Which is more influential”. Make your opinion known in the poll below:


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