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Playoff Victory R&R: Packers Defeat Washington

You like that, huh, You like that?


The Packers started this game like they have all season.. weak, but they finished like they have all season…strong. The difference was that they started finishing strong in the second quarter instead of waiting until the fourth. Aaron Rodgers taking a safety just brought visions of “Here we go again!” to this fan, I thought he said he was going to let it fly this game yet there he was standing in the end zone holding the ball. Washington was fired up and looked to have momentum in their favor going up 11-0 in the first quarter but then it was like a switch flipped on, Aaron woke up and started doing what he said he was going to do, “start airing it out”

Did anyone else notice he was throwing the ball to where the receiver was suppose to be and trusting them to make the play? The receivers were not getting separation this game just like many other games but he threw the ball anyways. Adams was finally the outside guy we hoped for with Aaron putting the ball high outside and him going up and getting it. Even Cobb with his double-teams got into the act this game WHY? Because Aaron threw him the ball even with guys all over him and he made the plays. Same with Jones – he was covered tight but made the catches, See where I’m going here? All season Rodgers has been holding the ball taking sacks or just throwing it away but this game he TRUSTED his receivers to make the plays!

JC Tretter start off slow but settled in at LT and in my opinion played stellar ball, he has proven to be a all around ball player with the ability to play any position on the O line, Barclay? Yeah he is suppose to be the man but I feel Tretter jumped right past him for those honors!

I suppose my only rant for the game would be Hyde trying to cover Reed, He was burned many times this game by the Skins TE who is more like a big receiver, some are saying he is the Gronk of the NFC so I guess Hyde did the best he could but it wasn’t good enough.

The run game re-emerged in the second half to put an exclamation mark on the game. Lacy and Starks once again complimented each other with a pound/slasher style ground game which kept the defense off balance.

Well Saturday is a big game but if this offense flies out to Arizona and not the one of past games then I believe they have a shot to win. The defense is playing championship football like it has most of the season so if the offense keeps this spark going forward they will be tough to beat by any team. But let us know your opinions below or on the FB homepage.



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